G2 Crypto Gaming is Live

The project seeks to be a diverse gaming ecosystem that rewards users with constant dividends.

Introducing G2

G2 has launched a true utility token backed by an existing product, assets (liquidity, treasury staking pool, technology), and they are already generating positive cash (token) flows. This is closer to a company than anything else on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). G2 doesn’t require hype to grow; It has a product, purpose, and multiple profitable income streams. This genuinely diversified ecosystem is supported by a single recyclationary utility token that maximizes paying dividends to holders.

G2 has many differentiating factors combining together to create a unique project many innovative firsts in BSC including:

Telegram Gaming Bot 

Partnership Arcade Program 

1,000x Lifetime Lottery

Treasury Staking Pool

Yield based token reflections

Daily Decreasing Speed Brake feature

Telegram Games

Games are live in the Telegram G2 Crypto Gaming and Lottery channel. Currently, we have Bike of Joe, Plinko, and Slots (text or GIF) ready to play. Over the year, we will be releasing up to an additional 20 games, including multiplayer options and an NFT claw game with NFT prizes and partnerships. 

All games use G2 to play the games and potentially win up to 50x. In the future, we will offer BNB and BUSD options. Start the bot, follow the instructions and play privately.

In less than one week, the equivalent of $93k has been staked, and $81k has been paid in prizes.

Partner arcades will shortly be appearing in multiple Telegram channels, boosting volumes significantly. Profits are shared equally from these partnerships benefitting both the partner channel and G2.

Diamond Hold Lottery Tickets

Diamond Hold lottery tickets provide a perpetual entry to 50 prize draws a week with a 1,000x Weekly Jackpot. Tickets will cost 30,000 G2 tokens, prizes are as follows:

1 x weekly Jackpot of 30,000,000 G2 tokens (1,000x)

7 x daily prizes of 5,000,000 G² tokens (200x)

42 x four hourly mini prizes of 850,000 G² tokens (30x)

The lottery is funded for 22 weeks until March 2022, with the 777 wallet holding over 21% of the total amount of tokens. We have already had numerous “frourly” (four hourly) winners and several daily winners; we will see our first weekly winner on Tuesday. 

Currently, G2 has less than 8,500 tickets, so it is a fantastic time to buy your lifetime ticket for just 30,000 G2 while the cost is low and the odds are favorable.

Asset-Backed Token

G2 is a long-term project backed by assets and has multiple profitable income streams of token flows. We have over $600k in liquidity and more than $240k staked, providing an income of 1.12% per week. 

Profits from income streams build more treasury assets to fund lottery prizes for years and subsequent token holder reflections. Funds are reinvested, distributed to the Lottery Prize fund, and paid in reflections depending on the balance of tokens in the ecosystem and the size of the staking pool.



Promotions, marketing and shilling 

Many more games, including multiplayer and a NFT claw game 

Partner arcades launching in partner Telegram channels


Additional BSC exchanges once the original liquidity unlocks

Payments and withdrawals in BNB and BUSD for TG games

Launches on additional blockchains with low transaction fees

Multi chain G2 token porting capability

Reduction in taxes as assets backing the project provide funding of lotteries and reflections


Tier 1 Centralized Exchange, once taxes have been removed 

For more information about G2 Gaming, visit the following links:






Source : bsc.news

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