Funversy X Jean Y. Klein – Halloween Catching an “Angry Rabbit”

The NFT features the expressionist work of an acclaimed artist.

Catch the Angry Rabbit with Funversy

Funversy, which integrates traditional physical art and virtual art, will launch the first NFT fragments sales with artist Jean Y. Klein, catch an “angry rabbit”, and start the absurd journey of Halloween on the platform.

The launch aims to solve the real problems of NFT value discovery and circulation.

Despite the coolness of the NFT market, there is no denying that NFTs are becoming a highly versatile asset class, with explosive growth in creative use cases. NFT creators are to integrate innovations in other financial products to address the fundamental issues of NFTs, value discovery and value circulation.

Funversy is expected to distribute both the physical pieces of art and virtual maps. The method used to solve these problems and in order to lower trade friction, more stable prices of anchoring and encouraging business incentives, provides investors with a novel way to obtain the potential value of the art of NFT circulation.

The launchpad is Funversy’s selling tool/startup board, integrating physical art and digital technology in the chain of communication. It’s used to sell NFTs of physical art effectively, and in accordance with the contract ratio for the number of pieces, to provide investors an effective way to participate in high value of collection investment opportunities.

Halloween Rabbit to be the First Sale of Funversy Fragments

For Halloween, Funversy is teaming up with Jean Y. Klein to release a limited number of NFT pieces on the Funversy LaunchPad. This will be the first sale on the Funversy platform when they go live.

Jean Y. Klein’s artwork will be bought out by the Funversy company Meta Bounds, and with the help of the ERC-1155 contract, a limited edition will be issued. The image of the Halloween rabbit is generated using the model of the original painting, a unique story is generated and permanently stored on the chain, and the NFT is fragmented and divided into an unequal number of fragments. The image of the Halloween Rabbit, after experiencing the collision of contemporary artistic thoughts, is extremely expressive and full of vitality. With the help of a new way of expression – NFTs – it carries on the renewal of mental state and a new identity.

An expressionist artist, Jean Y. Klein has received several awards, including an Emerging Artist Grant in 1987 and an invitation to be a resident artist at the Stedelijk in Berlin in 1992. Jean Y. Klein’s work has been collected by several art institutions, including the Pompidou in Paris, and has been exhibited in Germany, the United States and Italy, including the Bernard Jordan Gallery in Paris, France, and the Molly Krom Gallery in New York, USA.

As the first major artist collaboration to be launched by Funversy, the NFT collection has received significant market attention since its announcement.

Halloween Special Event: Capture an “Angry Rabbit”

Jean Y. Klein’s “Angry Rabbit” is an intertwined symbol of realistic absurdism and idealism. The Halloween rabbit with low eyebrows and brightly colored carrots looks full of emotion and power, but it is difficult to tell whether feelings were of happiness or sadness – even for the artist.

“I don’t have too many emotions when I create, I just create space for the paint to talk. And when I create, I have to forget everything around me, and it’s better to empty it completely to let something happen naturally. If you can’t enter such a time and space, you will repeat yourself.” Jean Y. Klein said.

That’s the beauty of art – it creates “conversations” that transport people into another space. With the help of Funversy’s NFT fragmentation technology, Angry Rabbit will quietly appear on Halloween. The space of physical art is always relatively small, but the space brought by NFT virtual art will be wider and may even be more interesting.

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