Fun Labs Brings Forth New NFTs: BNB Riot

The collection will go live on July 13, and Fun Labs Pass holders can mint at a cheaper rate.

Fun Labs Introduces Fifth Collection 

Fun Labs Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project prepares to unveil BNB Riot, its newest collection on BNB Chain

The collection becomes the protocol’s fifth addition after Retro Boyz, Willy, Ugliens Town, and Retro Joints. The collection, which mimics protesters with signs, would be available for minting on July 13 at 7 p.m. UTC, according to the protocol’s tweet on July 8.

BSC News reached out to the creator of Fun Labs, Retro Boy, for insight into the new collection’s “signs” design. 

“We’ve been in BNB NFT for some time, and we know some local memes we really want to share, maybe even gently troll,” he said. “We are not really appreciating derivatives, but the idea of signs overall is really fresh, so we decided to go with concept but with our own art. It just feels better to make fun of ourselves to prevent someone from doing it instead,” Retro Boy told BSC News. 


BNB Riot is a collection of 4,069 NFTs on BNB Chain, inspired by GodHateNFTees collection on the Ethereum network. As expected, users who own Fun Labs Pass, snapshotted on 7 July, are automatically whitelisted, and will purchase BNB Riot NFTs at a cheaper rate before the minting goes live.

Fun Labs Pass is users’ ticket to upcoming events on the platform, including free mints, whitelists, reflections and more. The pass is available on the TBS marketplace at a floor price of 0.04 BNB. 

BSC News discussed Fun Labs in the weekly Monday Alpha PodFi podcast, where everything in the crypto space, such as NFT, GameFi, Web3, and more, is explored. You can listen to the live podcast HERE and learn more about the project. 

What is Fun Labs: 

Fun Labs is an NFT community that brings new and exciting collections to users on BNB Chain. The project, powered by Retro Boyz Association, wants to bring fun and NFTs to the BNB Chain ecosystem. Further, the protocol plans to offer users collections across different chains. 

Where to find Fun Labs: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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