Fud’s 4TOKEN Launches on BNB Chain and Debuts on PancakeSwap

Ignore Fud Launches BSC Bridge

Core DAO-based Hold-to-Earn meme project, Ignore Fud, has successfully completed its expansion to the BNB Chain. The project aims to tap into a wider audience and benefit from the thriving BNB Chain community.

Listing on PancakeSwap

Following the launch of its official BSC Bridge powered by LayerZero, Ignore Fud has listed its meme token on the popular decentralized exchange PancakeSwap. This move allows the project to tap into a wider audience and leverage the various benefits offered by the thriving BNB Chain community.

Importantly, the launch on BNB Chain will not result in new tokens or additional supply. To protect the community, the Ignore Fud team has added an initial liquidity of 400 BNB and 400 BNB worth of $4TOKEN on PancakeSwap.

Trade $4TOKEN on PancakeSwap HERE!

4TOKEN (BEP20) CA: 0x61B83eDF87Ea662C695439A807c386455c9E797C

With security being a top priority, the meme project recently shared an audit report for the BSC Bridge conducted by the leading security platform CertiK. To learn how to bridge 4TOKEN from CORE to BNB Chain, check the BSC Bridge guide from Ignore Fud.

As of writing, 4TOKEN is trading at a price of $0.0005716, boasting a total market capitalization of $20.05 million. The token has garnered significant attention, with over 32,000 holders already onboard.

Expanding to BNB Chain

The expansion to the BNB Chain signifies a pivotal moment for Ignore Fud and its token holders. By venturing into the BNB Chain ecosystem, the project will experience increased liquidity for 4TOKEN. Additionally, this expansion will create new trading pairs and unlock fresh opportunities for token holders, further enhancing the overall ecosystem.

The project’s listing on PancakeSwap and the addition of initial liquidity demonstrate their commitment to providing a seamless experience for users. With the increased accessibility and new opportunities brought by the BNB Chain ecosystem, the future looks promising for 4TOKEN and its dedicated holders.

What is Ignore Fud?

Ignore Fud is a novel meme token on the Core chain that supports decentralized finance and blockchain innovations. Its objective is to facilitate the onboarding of more cryptocurrency users into Core DAO and the wider crypto industry. Ignore Fud boasts a community-centric meme ecosystem and a distinctive hold-to-earn feature, which enables investors to earn rewards by holding its native token “4Token”. Additionally, investors gain exposure to a vast and robust user community from across the globe.

Besides Ignore Fud’s Hold-to-Earn mechanism, the team intends to offer several utilities for 4Token, including staking nodes, NFT Marketplace and collection, compounding crypto asset vaults, DEX, and more.

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