FTX Lands Ambassador Partnership with Stephen Curry in Equity Deal

FTX lands the out-of-this-world NBA basketball player that boosts star power.

FTX Shoots and Scores With Curry

The partnership is a multi-year deal that makes Curry a global ambassador, grants him equity stakes, and unites the two parties for charitable ventures. 

The cryptocurrency exchange FTX Trading Limited acquired another high-profile athlete to help boost their branding, NBA superstar Stephen Curry. The Two-time MVP and three-time NBA champion, Curry, tweeted out to the world on Sept.6 that he was looking to branch out into crypto. It was not long before crypto Twitter erupted with suggestions and recommendations. 

An offer from FTX quickly came—amidst rallying from other crypto personalities—to who many consider the greatest pure shooter in NBA history. And an agreement with Curry is enough to make any industry take notice.

“I’m excited to partner with a company that demystifies the crypto space and eliminates the intimidation factor for first-time users,” Curry said in a press release from Tuesday.  “FTX is likeminded when it comes to giving back to the community in meaningful ways, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.”


FTX now boasts some of the hottest names across multiple industries in the United States, including Quarterback Tom Brady from the National Football League, Major League Baseball, media mogul, and infamous Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary, as well as video game powerhouse TSM. The partnership with another prominent name like Curry—whose star-power makes his reach far beyond the court—was only a natural move for FTX. 

Take it from the CEO himself: “After meeting and speaking with Stephen, it was clear that he is a seamless fit for FTX. His tireless commitment to charity alongside a ferocious work ethic to become the greatest in any arena he steps foot in, whether it is basketball, investing or business, perfectly align with FTX’s core values. I look forward to working together with Stephen to create a positive impact for those who need it most in the world,” said famed FTX leader Sam Bankman-Fried.

Source : bsc.news

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