FTX Buys Super Bowl Ad Space, Spokesman Tom Brady Gifts Bitcoin

Star power and impressive marketing campaign have helped FTX boom to mainstream appeal.

Brady Gifts Bitcoin

FTX continues to a massive campaign to invade the American attention span, announcing a purchase of ad space during the Super Bowl, the premier advertising event each year in the United States.

FTX––and crypto at large––have also received a boost from their ever-popular spokesman Tom Brady. The anointed Golden Boy of American Football broke a major record this week, becoming the only quarterback in history to throw for 600 career touchdowns. 

Brady offered one bitcoin on top of other memorabilia to the lucky fan in exchange for the special game ball.

“Hey @FTX_Official, let’s make a trade…Let’s get this guy a Bitcoin,” Brady tweeted following the game to his 2.1 Million followers and was retweeted by Sam Bankman-Fried and the FTX account.


The FTX account, and its de facto leader Bankman-Fried, agreed to help Brady fulfill the favor.

“It’s not every day you get handed the ball from Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass and give it back, and it’s not every day you get gifted a Bitcoin,” said Bankman-Fried. “FTX was happy to support Tom in thanking this fan for his generosity.”


FTX Plays Ball

Lately, FTX has been seen all over sports advertisements in the United States. The company has taken up television slots during the World Series, NFL games, and ad space on popular applications like Bleacher Report, and even placed their logo on the umpires of Major League Baseball (shouldn’t umpires and referees be free from advertisements anyway?). 

The latest Super Bowl move is almost the cream of the crop for all their moves. How much FTX paid was not made public, but last year a 30-second ad cost around $5.5 million. FTX also did not confirm the content planned for their ad.

“Our message throughout this year has been that crypto is safe, accessible, and ready for the mainstream. There is no bigger, more mainstream event to share a message like that than the Super Bowl,” Bankman-Fried told Katherine Greifeld of Bloomberg on Oct. 26th. 

Source: FTX at the World Series

FTX is leading the way in the United States. Grabbing prominent names like the NBA’s Stephen Curry and the NFL’s Tom Brady, as well as seizing quality marketing moments should provide a huge boost to mainstream understanding. The marketing approach is smart, protracted, and profound.

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