Frog Inu Releases Roadmap: “Say No to Racism”

The project combines social justice initiatives with a focus on community-driven tactics.

Introducing Frog Inu

Released May 30, 2022, on the BNB Chain network, the Frog Inu project has been iteratively built and improved upon by an experienced global team since its inception. Frog Inu is a self-staking token that had its ownership renounced and given to the community upon its creation. This decentralization of power has allowed Frog Inu to flourish as a 100% community-driven project with markedly engaged holders and rapid growth on a daily basis. 

Graphic designers, writers, web developers, influencers, marketers, data analysts, translators, and more have contributed their talents to help Frog Inu grow into an inspirational model of community-driven success.

What Makes Frog Inu Different?

Frog Inu has become a unique social experiment in which the investors are integrated into the project from a community and developmental standpoint. With so much progress achieved by its community in such a short time, Frog Inu stands as a solid milestone in this progressive, exciting age of the Social Blockchain.

Frog Inu always seeks to plan 10 steps ahead, according to the team. The project has elected to pursue the most aggressive marketing bundles that bring  the most exposure to the project. After its release, Frog Inu reached $300,000 in its Liquidity Pool (LP) in 5 days, and over 10,000 holders. Frog Inu decided to give up the contract’s ownership and appreciate the community support.

Passive Staking Rewards in Your Wallet

Per the contract, Frog Inu holders automatically receive a distribution of 4% of each transaction of the Frog Inu token.

This function is an easy way for holders to receive rewards directly to their wallets without needing to stake or farm on other platforms. This saves gas fees and allows for compounding with ease of mind.

The passive staking rewards from holding FGI could increase rapidly as FGI gains more recognition and thus more transaction volume.

“To see growing numbers of FGI in your wallet just by holding is priceless,” the team encourages.

Frog Inu’s Roadmap

Frog Inu is now strictly following the goals and plans laid out in its roadmap. According to the roadmap, liquidity will reach $1m in June and will be greater than $8m within the next three months. 

This month, Frog Inu will be listing on many significant exchanges and continuing the YouTube contests as much as possible. The Frog Inu team will use its budget and the token tax to burn ~ 25% of the total supply for the upcoming plan.

Frog Inu is always here to raise the voice of the Frog Inu Community. “Say no to racism” is the driving motto behind the project, and the community rallies behind this point.

A Times Square banner is one of Frog Inu’s upcoming events as the Frog Inu team seeks to deliver on promises for its community and investors. One day, people might see the image of Frog Inu across the world, according to the team.

Novels and Crypto

Frog Inu is also going to announce that Frog Inu will be the sponsoring partner of a novel selling on Amazon. This novel is written about human rights and racism. This novel is sold on Amazon, and Frog Inu is the first meme coin mentioned in a book.

Crypto is also mentioned in this novel, and more specifically, the Frog Inu Token (FGI) is the main currency in this novel world. This is a crucial first step for Frog Inu in expanding the ecosystem.

This novel series is the male version of the popular 50 Shades of Gray novel. Frog Inu hopes that the novel is converted into a movie, with the image of Frog Inu appearing on the cover. 

The most vital advantage Frog Inu claims to have in leading the market is the tremendous experience in its team. The team claims to always buy back stability and has demonstrated significant effort in its marketing.

The Frog Inu team has a strong work ethic, strong communication with the community, is building trust with its investors, and aims to provide precisely what it says it will.

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