Freelance Community Comes to BSC with Argon

Worlds First Blockchain Based Freelancer Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive shift in how individuals earn a living, increasing the amount of freelance work massively. With just a computer, internet connection and/or a cell phone, you can have a job and make things easier when choosing a space to work, since it only depends on your preferences and possibilities. A freelancer is a person who offers professional services or products to different clients independently, that is, on their own account. This work modality is very common, especially nowadays to those who seek flexibility.

The emergence of the pandemic has also led to a massive increase in those joining the cryptocurrency world which in turn gives way for new projects to be introduced in order to help the user in the freelance work modality. This is how new platforms such as Argon emerge, a fairly new small-cap project on Binance Smart Chain. Argon is very interesting because it competes with centralized freelance platforms, which allow you to work on different tasks depending on what the client requests, from design to data analytics.

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The entire employment contract between the freelancer and the client is done through a fully decentralized smart contract. The client posts a job, each freelancer offers the client different proposals for that job, then the client chooses a freelancer to work with. Unlike other centralized platforms, there are no commissions on Argon.

In Argon you can work and earn in cryptocurrencies, either by being a freelancer or by being the intermediary (Approver) that approves the work carried out, something extremely interesting for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.


According to the company’s team, “Argon is the world’s first and only blockchain-based freelance platform on the Binance Chain network, working with fully decentralized and smart contracts. Argon’s smart contract is under the supervision of CertiK, completed a successful audit.

Argon offers a remote service experience with features such as

Hiring and working on projects around the world

Approval and rejection of projects, approvers are rewarded with an ArgonToken for work

Zero commission charges

Use of smart contracts to ensure authentication

Automatic payment when completing tasks

Creating publications, as well as accepting or rejecting project offers

Without a doubt, Argon’s products and features are very interesting. There’s also a community sponsorship called ArgonCharity, designed to help people and communities in need. On their website there is a link to a form if you want to participate in this community. According to their roadmap, an Argon NFT MarketPlace will be included, and little by little they will be adding staking functions, among others.

The platform is not yet complete in its development, however you can register for it and when it is launched you can be one of the first to try it. The launch is currently scheduled for June 1st, 2021. The development of this platform promises many job opportunities for the new generations and those who want to join the world of freelance, it also gives an opportunity to users who are joining the rally that Binance Smart Chain is having that continues to grow exponentially.

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