Former NFT Owners Discover How Much They’ve Lost Thanks to Paperhands

An app created by a self-confessed NFT degen is taking crypto Twitter by storm.

Damn These Paperhands

The former owners of NFTs are ruing their paper hands thanks to, an app that calculates their losses from selling artworks too early.

The project is the work of a self-confessed NFT degenerate Sam Witwicky who told BSC News he created the project out of a need “to see the figures for myself!”

While Paperhands is Ethereum-based for now, he said that it could roll out to Binance Smart Chain in the future, “if there’s demand from users.” 

“I’ve been working on a collectible project for the last couple of months, this will be live in early November,” he told us.

The minimalist design of the Paperhands website (source)

The app has become incredibly popular across the crypto community with a number of influencers taking part in the phenomenon.

“Someone managed to pull my ETH address for #paperhands,” said crypto influencer Pranksy in a tweet on October 20th. “$147,552,513.64 of potential missed opportunities. Some would see these numbers as a failure, I see them as a success and a commentary on how ridiculous the rise of the #NFT has been.”

While the losses calculated by Paperhands may seem frightening, buyers and sellers of NFTs can afford to be philosophical when they have flipped for profit. In crypto, it’s a rare and beautiful thing to call the top, let alone call the top at every time of asking.

About Paperhands

An intuitive webpage constructed with the goal of notifying crypto users of potential missed opportunities in NFTs they let slip a little early. 

Where to Find Paperhands:

Website | Twitter

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