Former Disney CEO Invests and Joins Genies Board of Directors

Former Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has moved into the digital space after joining the Genies Board of Directors and is expected to make a personal investment in the company as well.

Former Disney Chief Joins Genies

Popular avatar technology company, Genies announced that former Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has joined their board of directors. 

The board already includes Bond’s Mary Meeker, NEA’s Rick Yang, Genies CEO and co-founder Akash Nigam and Genies co-found Evan Rosenbaum. In addition to being on the board, Iger is reportedly investing in the company as well.  The news, announced on March 13, is a big boost to Genies as Iger is known for his resilient and meticulous attitude. 

“I’ve always been drawn to the intersection between technology and art, and Genies provides unique and compelling opportunities to harness the power of that combination to enable new forms of creativity, expression and communication,” said Iger. “After spending the last few months getting to know Akash and learning more about Genies, I am very excited about his vision and how it will be fulfilled, and I look forward to working with the entire team.”


Genies has been making major plays in the digital avatar space locking up partnerships with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group to become their official avatar and digital goods NFT provider. Genies will be rolling out a beta version of what they dubbed “avatar tools” that will allow consumers to create their own avatar, fashion line, avatar world and avatar interactive experiences. 

“We believe that avatar ecosystems are going to be the mobile app of web3”, says Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies. Nigam goes on to say “an ambitious vision calls for rare mindshare mindshare and I can’t think of a better creative product thinker than Bob to collaborate with in bringing this all to reality.”  

Anyone interested in becoming a Genies avatar fashion seller can visit To design and sell your own avatar species, apply here

What is GENIES, INC. 

Genies is culture’s leading avatar technology company empowering humans to create their own avatar ecosystems. Genies provides tools (Genies Avatar Creator OS) that allows users to create their own avatars, avatar wearable fashion lines, avatar worlds, and avatar interactive experiences in web3. The company has 99% celebrity market share through its partnerships with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group as their “official avatar and digital goods NFT provider” and has cloned thousands of talent including Justin Bieber, Migos, Cardi B, and J Balvin. Bringing the power of NFTs and crypto to culture, Genies’ avatar ecosystem NFT marketplace “The Warehouse” built with Dapper Labs, allows talent, IP, and creators to design and sell their avatar ecosystem creations to the masses. Genies has raised $100M till date from investors such as Mary Meeker’s Bond, NEA, Breyer Capital, and more. 

Where to find Genies:

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