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” An interoperability aggregator protocol that unites decentralized applications across disparate blockchains “

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with FORBITSPACE! Today we have @spacenina and @wealthy24 joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you guys here 🙂


Hi everyone, thank you for having us here today

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hi Nina. Welcome!

We will dive right into questions 🙂

So to kick things off, for those who may be unfamiliar…

1. Please introduce the team behind forbitspace.


Let me give you a brief introduction of CEO and Founder of Forbitspace, Mr. Baroda

Before entering the crypto space, he was an expert in marketing and market research. He’s been involved in the digital asset ecosystem since 2016 and worked with and advised a variety of blockchain projects.

When participating in some blockchain events in the Asian market, he saw a huge demand for the Blockchain space, especially the decentralized financial market. That’s one of the reasons he started Forbitspace.

And Co-founder of Forbitspace is Mr. Menard. He is a financial strategist, fund manager, analyst, and currency trader. He has more than 9 years of experience in the financial market.

He also participated in multiple trading and cryptocurrency events in Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hongkong.

Most of the team members are located in Vietnam and the Philippines. We have trade and business teams in Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore.

We have more than 55 people working for Forbitspace at this moment and are still expanding!

that’s a brief about forbitspace team

Wealthy Freedom

hi guys

Stephanie (BSC.News)

hi @wealthy24

Wealthy Freedom

hi steph,,im happy to be part of this community

and we are glad to introduce and contribute more

investment instrument for bsc community

forbitspace team are composed of fund managers and fintech people

we come up to this concept due to our expertise and more than 12years of experience in fund management

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Well awesome! Sounds like you guys have a great team so let’s talk about the project itself

2. What is forbitspace and what are you trying to accomplish with this project?


forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator brings a decentralized crypto aggregator that connects various blockchain networks for easy interoperability. forbitspace protocol has officially lived on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and is launching soon on Arbitrum, Optimism, Solana, etc.

this is forbitspace’s interface and the 4 mainnets we’ve supported

Essentially, users can connect their wallets to the forbitspace platform and easily trade assets between networks.

Trades are almost instant and cost next to nothing as well, making them quite accessible to those looking to dip their feet in DApps across different blockchains.

By connecting their wallets, users and traders need only a wallet compatible with them across different blockchain networks on the forbitspace platform and swap assets between networks quickly and efficiently.

Users and traders in the crypto space receive the lowest possible price due to forbitspace’s trading algorithm. With this algorithm, a user’s transaction is split into smaller ones to avoid slippage.

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator can execute many transactions at the same time by running a variety of complex algorithms so users don’t need to worry about trading limitations. Besides, users can use browsers simultaneously to execute their transactions.

To sum up, forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator allows crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and receive better pricing with one single interface.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Thank you for sharing the image and for your explanation. Let’s unpack a bit as there was a lot I wanted to touch on. So first let’s talk about your platform

3. What are the main features of your platform?


forbitspace provides users with many utilities to optimize their experience on the forbitspace platform:

Firstly, Aggregation Protocol: An interoperability protocol that connects diverse blockchains, decentralized apps, and liquidity across blockchains, allowing easy transactions in, out, and across networks.

Secondly, Liquidity Pool: You can use FBS tokens to supply liquidity to pools and earn extra rewards for engaging in liquidity mining programs.

Thirdly, Limit Order Protocol: A limit order specifies a price at which you want to purchase or sell and is only executed if the market reaches that price. Limit orders are performed at a predetermined price that is often better than the current market price, as opposed to market orders, which are executed instantly.

Next is Derivative Protocol: It’s utilized to make unique assets by combining forward-thinking features like price locking and the ability to buy or sell an asset. Synthetics are the very underlying asset representative of other assets, and forbitspace employs a contract that represents an asset bought or sold at a future date for a future price.

And last but not least, Self-custody: forbitspace provides some self-custody applications for you such as Bridge Space, Mobile wallets, Smart contract wallets, and Asset management. Your money becomes empowered and you can store it, lend it, trade it, zap it, and track it in real-time. To sum up, you are 100% in control of your assets, similar to cash.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

There are many neat features, So to dive even deeper into that

4. What makes forbitspace unique compared to the other DEX projects out there?


forbitspace – The DEX Super Aggregator aims to deepen liquidity pools by scanning a range of DEXs to find the lowest market price to facilitate a trade.

We use algorithm Spaceflight smart order routing to allow crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and receive better pricing, low cost & efficiency in the most liquidity on Binance Smart Chain to receive the best prices across native exchanges, such as Sushi, JetSwap, WaultFinance, Ellipsis, Nerve, Beltfi, PantherSwap, BiSwap, Wbnb, BakerySwap, PancakeSwapV2, CoinSwap, Smoothy, DODOV2, and more.

For your information, forbitspace — Dex Super Aggregator protocol not only pulls the best prices, the forbitspace even offers a unique, user-friendly way to analyze and combine other users’ trading strategies via a convenient drag and drop mechanism.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Okay I see, so there is a lot of benefits I am seeing coming out of FORBITSPACE and you aim to provide everyone a good trading experience but most importantly

5. Is your platform audited or has another safeguard layer in security? How can you ensure users that your platform is safe to use?


Thank you Steph for this great question, I think this is an important factor for users when using a decentralized application

forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator is a decentralized exchange and non-custodial.

All trades on forbitspace are peer-to-peer. You trade directly from your wallet and retain complete custody of your tokens throughout the entire process.

Thus, the risk cases that happen to forbitspace will not put your assets or personal information in danger.

Trading on forbitspace is totally safe.

To assure users of the project’s usability and security, forbitspace brought in CertiK, a cybersecurity firm founded by Yale professors, to audit its code and activate CertiK Skynet, which is an on-chain security and data insights platform that provides 24/7 monitoring of smart contracts.

Hacken, one of the leading crypto audit companies, also participates in the audit of the forbitspace protocol.

You can learn more about the details in the links below:

CertiK Blockchain Security Leaderboard:

CertiK Skynet 24/7:

Hacken CyberSecurity Services:

Stephanie (BSC.News)


6. Where are you on your roadmap? What are your plans to upgrade the forbitspace ecosystem?


We have already launched the forbitspace platform – The DEX Super Aggregator which supportson 4 mainnets, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche last year. I proudly say that this was one of the biggest achievement we  accomplished in 2021

We are currently busy with the development of other platforms including our NFTSpace Marketplace and forbitswap, an open-source DEX that works under the AMM protocol, also support 4 mainnets like forbitspace – The DEX Super Aggregator and still expanding to other networks in the near future.

We aim to upgrade the Forbitspace version to optimize and improve the user experience and also plan to create a crypto wallet under the Forbitspace brand that will connect with decentralized exchanges.

Moreover, Forbitspace will release forbitspace layer 2 and Bridge Space, a Cross-chain Bridge, which allows users to swap tokens on different blockchains easily and conveniently. It also enables users to access the benefits of different blockchain technologies without choosing between platforms.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Many upgrades to look forward to. Stay tuned for updates, community!

7. Do you have any plans to build your own platform token?


Of course yes!

forbitspace has FBS tokens for governance and liquidity mining purposes.

We issue 9,999,999,999 FBS tokens that run on five mainnets, including ERC20, BEP20, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana with 56.0% will be used for forbitspace Community members.

FBS holders have an additional say in the network’s future, with the ability to propose and vote on changes and upgrades.

FBS can also be used to reward liquidity providers within the forbitspace network. The more liquidity a user provides, the more they earn in rewards.

In addition, users can use FBS tokens to cover the exchanges fee and NFT fee.

Community can check out our sustainable tokenomics model in our whitepaper:

Stephanie (BSC.News)


It leads to my next question

8. What are the ways to earn $FBS?


You can earn free FBS through two activities, namely referral program, and trading reward on

With Referral Program, one address will receive 9 FBS when successfully referring a new user to make a transaction on Forbitspace.

And with Trading Reward, you can get a trading reward when you trade on Forbitspace.

It’s fantastic to be able to trade at the best possible price while still earning rewards.

Stephanie (BSC.News)


9. Where can users buy FBS tokens in addition to earning free tokens?


On Flyby launchpad which is a platform belonging to forbitspace’s ecosystem, we have an IDO plan; soon you can purchase FBS at

forbitspace also plans to do IEO on the most famous exchanges, you can join the IEO to buy our token.

Furthermore, FBS can be purchased on top exchanges, where we will list FBS on, and various decentralized exchanges (such as forbitswap, etc.)

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great. Last but not least

10. Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?


I’d love to announce to you guys that forbitspace’s Referral Reward is coming soon. This program will let you earn free FBS token!

You can easily join the Referral Reward by following rules as follows:

* One address will receive 9 FBS when successfully referring a new user to make a transaction on forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator

* Each account will receive up to 4500 FBS (about $500) in total value.

Nina, [3/8/2022 9:59 PM]

* The forbitspace Referral Reward has maximum liquidity of 5,000,000 FBS and is supported on multiple major nets, including ERC20, BEP20, AVALANCHE, SLP, and POLYGON.

Furthermore, we always provide attractive offers for our users.

To have the greatest experience and make the best profit, trade on forbitspace!

that’s is our forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator!

Wealthy Freedom

Also guys, I would like to encourage everyone to get your FBS TOKEN now because we only sell a limited number of tokens in our private sales and today’s price is the best price that you can get before it lists different CEX and DEX soon.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

It’s definitely some exciting stuff! Would you be able to provide us with social media links so that our community could follow?


We are active in following social media channels. Kindly visit these URLs to learn more about forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator





Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! Make sure that you guys go and check out FORBITSPACE! Their platform offers you exposure to the best projects on BSC all while rewarding you for using their innovative ecosystem!


Thank you Stephanie and the community for having forbitspace here today! It’s my pleasure to share about our protocol to crypto lovers around the world

Wealthy Freedom

Thank you Steph and on the whole community..We are looking forward to be part of your cryptocurrency journey.

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great, thank you for all the info. Thank you for your time FORBITSPACE, have a great day/evening!

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