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BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @Crypto_Xavier @footieball How are you today? 

Footie+ Dev: Doing great thank you, how are you?

BSCdaily – Admin: I’m so excited right now ^^

Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Footie+ Dev: We are very excited to be here, thank you for having us

BSCdaily – Admin: Cool

We have some questions for you.

Q1: Please provide us a quick overview of FOOTIE+. What issues does FOOTIE+ solve, and what are its competitive advantages?

Footie+ Dev: Thank you for that question, Football is the world biggest sport and also most lucrative, with revenues running into billions annually most of the time the world supports this sport without much access to the potential revenues generated by the sport, our mission is to begin to put forward ways in which the greater Football community can start to enjoy the sport while also having access to its earnings, several of our divisions afford our community this access.

In essence, FOOTIE+ is a project designed to leverage the full power of blockchain with the mission to bring a new dimension to football through our Football NFT Marketplace, our Tokenized Gamification, App, Merchandise, Future Stars talent development, our Academy, the FOOTIE+ Foundation and also looking into crypto-based Football betting.

BSCdaily – Admin: Sounds interesting

Q2: What are the FOOTIE+ core divisions and their functions? How will each of these divisions generate value for the $FOOTIE token and its holders going forward?

Footie+ Dev: Our FOOTIE+ ecosystem powered by our divisions is designed with value and earnings generation for our investors in mind. In short, our divisions are as follows:

Our Football NFT Marketplace – already in its beta stage, allows creatives to mint Football inspired NFTs on our website, list them and sell them with all transactions conducted in $FOOTIE our token crating demand and value for our holders

Gamification offers our investors access to a billion dollar user market. Our Defi Gamification- allows crypto rewards and in game purchases for players, while also giving them access to in game stacking and stacking rewards , also creating demand and value for our holders.

Another of our divisions which is going to take the world by storm is our FOOTIE+ TV: Our channels are designed to bring talent development content from grassroots and marginalized areas to international stardom.think of it as “IDOLS” OR “THE VOICE” for soccer talent, we will be presenting a world class panel of judges who are well known coaches and players to judge and comment  and mentor contestants who will be able to win tryouts with major international clubs, we will generate a lot of revenue from this especially in sponsorship from sports related brands and there are many and our $FOOTIE coin will be used for voting, profits from this will be shared with the FOOTIE+ community of investors and HOLDERS . THIS IS GOING TO BE HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!

Our FOOTIE+ FUTURE STARS division will be running talent scouting and football development and profits from transfers of our players will accrue to our investors.

THE FOOTIE+ FOUNDATION is developed for charity and funding of talent from marginalised areas and scholarships

Our FOOTIE+ Academy will incubate promising talent

We are also looking into FOOTBALL BETTING, no need for explanation there, that could definitely explode

Our launch was only the beginning FOOTIE+ is designed to be BIG WORLDWIDE 

BSCdaily – Admin: Great

Q3: Let’s dive into your tokens $FOOTIE+. Can you share with us your tokenomics and use cases?

Footie+ Dev: Yes certainly $FOOTIE is designed to have real-world use cases and to make a real-world impact on the sport of Football as a whole, so our Tokenomics architecture is designed with this in mind. We are embarking on ambitious development projects such as with our gamification and our Tokenomics are designed to accommodate and deliver these aspects successfully. Our total supply is (One hundred million coins) and we believe that with the value that we anticipate to accrue to this project we are well-positioned to deliver our mission. From the start we have a strong vesting schedule of our team and development tokens, all lining up perfectly with our development timeline and the milestones we seek to achieve.

As for use cases, there are many as explained above but as a summary  

 The utilities for our Token include:

 Gaming Rewards

In game purchases

Official FOOTIE+ NFT Marketplace currency

Subscriptions to FOOTIE+ TV

Sales for FOOTIE+ Merchandise

Talent development and transfers currency

FOOTIE+ Community Voting and governance functions

Fundraising and donations for football grassroots development

And eventually sports betting currency

Q4: Are we considering Football betting in $FOOTIE ?

Footie+ Dev: Sports betting is an area that we are certainly looking into, although not part of our original architecture, we are now at a point where we are seriously considering this division as we develop more use cases for the $FOOTIE coin.

The idea of a crypto-based football betting platform on FOOTIE+ is one that presents many potential benefits for both the project, the value of our coin and our investors. Demand for $FOOTIE would certainly increase exponentially coupled with the stacking eligibility of our token and the rewards thereof, this is one division that could add solid value to the project.

So the short answer is yes, definitely considering it, official positions will be announced as we progress.

Q5: So, where can we buy $FOOTIE?

Footie+ Dev: Good question

FOOTIE+ is live on Pancakeswap


Q6: What can we expect in the next 6 months?

Footie+ Dev: We have a Major announcement coming up today on the Launch of Footie+ V2 among many other things Chris will highlight.

The next 6 months are going to be eventful and busy for our team:

To kick things off our FOOTIE+ Football exclusive NFT Marketplace will be going live shortly

Quickly followed by our FOOTIE+ APP where you will be able to buy, hold, stack your $FOOTIE, while also giving you access to buy our merchandise, vote and connect to out TV and media platforms

The major one will be the launch of our televised FOOTIE+ FUTURE STARS ROAD ROAD TO STARTDOM program with international Football icons as judges, coaches and mentors for a BIG prize of joining and international club`s junior academy team. International submissions for talent have already begun details in our telegram

 We will be launching our 1st defi game within the next 6 months, FOOTIE+ PENALTY STARS will be our first entry into the gamification space, offering in-game purchases, rewards, player transfers etc, more complex games are in development.

We will also be launching our betting architecture once fully approved

 We are also going to be presenting more partnerships with football clubs, coaches and players within the next 6 months

Our full merchandise shop will also be going live

Q7: Where can we find out more about LunarSwap on social media?

Footie+ Dev: Here is more information about FOOTIE+ from the legend himself.

That said people can visit our website:





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