FOMO Labs to Bring a Novel NFT Experience to the Highly Anticipated Bare Knuckle FIghting Championship 19

The BKFC 19 fight will feature a unique NFT experience alongside a highly anticipated fight card containing: Vanzant vs Ostovich, BlueFace vs Kane Trujillo, Nick Ireland vs DK Money, and Evil Hero vs Dakota Olave.

BKFC Integrates FOMO Labs NFT’s

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) has announced its move into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space in partnership with FOMO Labs. This partnership is leveraging the unique experience that BKFC 19 will bring — offering BKFC NFTs.

BKFC 19 is scheduled for July 23rd in Tampa, Fl and will host some of the most prominent influencers from Tik-Tok, Instagram, Only Fans, and the rap scene. This is a perfect mesh for NFTs, which have taken the mainstream world by storm, offering a decentralized and scarce opportunity for representation.

“The future of sports will rely heavily on decentralization” stated BKFC founder, David Feldman. He continued on to outline the premier example, that “Fighters will be able to represent THEMSELVES in a way never before.” 

The introduction of NFTs allows fighters to be scarcely represented while involving their biggest fans.

Specifically, FOMO Labs will offer a no loss lottery NFT experience. Everyone who buys a ticket will receive an NFT. This lottery ticket will enter users in a draw to win a plethora of NFTs – everyone will win something. For 100 lucky winners there will be fungible (real-world) prizes on top of their BKFC NFTs. 

Eight winners will win an all expense paid, walkout experience. This includes a flight to Miami, a suite, backstage access and of course the privilege to participate in the walk-out ceremony with a fighter of choice. All other participants will also win NFTs to represent participation in the lottery. 

How The Hype of BKFC Synergizes With NFTs

Official BKFC 19 Fight Card

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is only bolstering more attention as the organization innovates in the fighting scene. According to their website, they are the first promotion who can legally hold regulated bare knuckle events. BKFC has been coined as one of the fastest growing sports, making it a perfect candidate for the NFT market.

While there is a packed card of 19 fighters, the following have influencers have been outlined by BugBounty due to their influential status:

Paige Vanzant (IG: @paigevanzant | TikTok: @akickasslovestory)

Rachael Osotvich (IG: @rachalostovich)

Blueface (IG: @bluefasebleedem | TikTok: @bluefacebleedem)

Kane Trujillo (IG: @kanetrujillo | TikTok: @kane)

Dakota Olave (IG: @dakotaolave | TikTok: @dakotaolave)

Evil Hero (IG: @evilheroyt |TikTok: @evilheroyt)

Nick Ireland (IG: @nickireland99 | TikTok: @nickireland99)

DK Money (IG: @dkmoneyy | TikTok: @dkmoney.y)

The unique aspect of this fight is the amount of influencers that are participating. This trend is only escalating in the fighting scene as more people become interested. Influencers have also stepped into the NFT space. Notably, UFC fighter Khabib has released NFTs, alongside popular hip-hop artist, ASAP Rocky!

NFTs allow influencers and fighters alike to create an interactive experience for their fans. NFTs create a unique and permanent experience for dedicated fans — and they have caught extreme traction

How to Participate and Further Details

Users will be able to simply purchase the lottery tickets directly through BKFC. The sale of the NFT tickets will open on July 13th. A simple crypto-to-fiat on ramp has been integrated, allowing fans to purchase the NFT tickets using a credit or debit card.This innovation caters directly to new crypto users, making the process seamless.

Once purchased users simply wait for the randomized lottery to take place. According to the official press outlet of the partnership, BountyBase, the following NFTs will be distributed based on rarity:

GOLD (Rare)

SILVER (Scarce)

BRONZE (Common)

The Avenue, a featured FOMO labs marketplace, will soon open up secondary trading of the NFTs.

The Incorporation of Augmented Reality

BountyBase also mentioned in their official Meidum post that there will also be an “Augmented Reality metaverse” on the day of the fight. This will allow fans to purchase avatars of their favorite fighters on the blockchain, in augmented reality. 

Augmented Reality Experience via Bounty Base

The best part is, the blockchain is immutable, granting fans permanent ownership. The virtual metaverse is a novel incorporation, bridging the world of sports and NFT gamification. This is an event you don’t want to miss and only the beginning of a rapid growing trend.

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