FNCY Prepares for Mainnet Launch With Help From NodeReal

The new all-encompassing Web3 content platform will ambitiously launch its mainnet –– will it have the tech to make it big?

FNCY to Launch Mainnet

FNCY –– formerly known as ITAM Cube –– is ready to launch its mainnet on Dec. 2. The recently rebranded FNCY is working alongside NodeReal to bring creative content closer to Web3 users through a metaverse.

The announcement of the mainnet came through a Nov. 25 Medium blog on the back of a marketing push from NodeRal and FNCY. The two projects joined together for an AMA hosted by BNB Chain on Nov. 21. 

There, Eon, Business Development in Metaverse World at FNCY, gave insight into the project’s main focuses, roadmap ahead, and contingencies for older ITAM users.

“…[W]e are introducing our very own mainnet with this launch, and with it, marking a new turning point for our project,” Eon said. “We will selectively onboard quality entertainment content from games to comics & novels.”

Eon also gave users insight into how the team envisions its content philosophy within its metaverse –– plus bridging the gap between the real and the digital.

“We see entertainment as anything that brings joy to our users. This can be in the form of games, web comics, movies, music, etc,” Eon continued. “But we also believe it isn’t restricted to just online. From concerts to club events, sports games to recreational activities, and even e-commerce, the line between on and offline will be blurred in a natural, seamless way.”

FNCY’s main focus is to build what it calls a “seamless experience” into the Web3 world that is both scalable and interoperable. These grand ambitions will need the help of NodeReal, a top blockchain infrastructure provider. 

During the AMA, Freddie, Head of Growth, NodeReal, explained the depth of the relationship between the two projects. He explained how NodeReal will technically support FNCY through on-chain configuration solutions, rollups, and more.

“With FNCY the work doesn’t just stop here as it is,” Freddie said. “We will continue to work closely on new features and improvements as well, especially, when the user base and activities grows etc. Innovation solutions like zk and soulbound tokens are possible as well.”

As a part of the mainnet launch marketing push, NodeReal also published a Twitter thread. FNCY is confirmed to launch with a lineup of games, a read-to-earn product, and more, all within a metaverse built with NodeReal’s tech.

The Mainnet launch will come morning time UTC on Dec. 2, with the mainnet opening at 9:00 and the full-service mainnet opening at 11:00. The FNCY app will be available on iOS and Android phones in select locations. 

What is FNCY:

FNCY, pronounced “Fancy,” is a project working with NodeReal to build a Metaverse space to virtualize all our IPs and brands. It has a completely independent network where all forms of entertainment can seamlessly be integrated without unnecessary technical difficulties. The project is available on iOS and Android in select locations.

Where to find FNCY:

Telegram | Twitter Youtube | Medium |

What is NodeReal:

NodeReal describes itself as a one-stop infrastructure and solution provider that embraces the high-speed blockchain era. It provides scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions for everyone, aiming to support the massive adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem.

Through its native Semita blockchain service suite, developers can easily set up their blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem through BAS. Already, the blockchain platform has given rise to the GAL Chain Testnet, powered by BAS. FNCY, a blockchain powerhouse for games and entertainment, is the latest to utilize its service. 

Where to find NodeReal: 

Website | Twitter | Discord | LinkTree |

Source : bsc.news

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