Flag Network to Donate 2,000 USDT to Ukrainians Daily

The outreach is referred to as a ‘support campaign from the heart of humanity’ by the Flag team.

Crisis in Ukraine

Flag Network is deeply saddened by the tragic events taking place in Ukraine. After months of accumulating numbers, divisions of the Russian army, on the orders of Vladimir Putin, began a special military operation in Ukraine. With attacks by armored divisions and rockets, Ukraine is now engulfed in fear and chaos.

While many world leaders condemn the actions of the Russian government, the situation of millions of Ukrainian citizens is extremely precarious. In addition to shelling and rocket fire, the residents also faced severe shortages of food, water, and supplies. Many are fleeing the area and will need shelter and support as they seek safety.

Cryptocurrency donations to Ukraine

Following a Tweet by the Ukrainian government asking for donations from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Polkadot, since February 24, 2022, there has been a large number of online donations sent to Ukrainian fundraisers from around the world. The amount of crypto donations is remarkable. This could very well be the largest crypto donation  in history. The technological savvy of the Ukrainian government and their support teams has allowed official crypto donation portals for different currencies to be created almost instantly.

Cryptocurrency donations supporting the Ukrainian government and the Army are constantly pouring in from sources like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether. According to a report filed by CoinDesk, nearly $100 million in crypto has been donated to the Ukrainian government. Donations have also been made to Come Back Alive, a Ukrainian NGO that is supporting the Ukrainian military.

Effectiveness of Donations

Although making a donation to support the people of Ukraine is a humane act, many people are still concerned about whether these donations will actually reach the Ukrainian people or if they will be taken over by government organizations and used to buy military equipment to prolong the war. In addition, they are concerned about scams calling for donations from unrecognized platforms.


Among the many cryptocurrency platforms that are currently donating to Ukraine, there is a donation campaign that claims to solve all of the above concerns – the “Help Support Ukraine” campaign from Flag Network. The Flag Network Charity Foundation has launched a campaign to directly support the people of Ukraine with their own funds, without calling for donations from other sources. 

Campaign Details

In this support campaign, Flag Network provides 1,000 USDT per day, which can be up to 2,000 USDT depending on the number of participants, from their own funds. Every day, one Ukrainian can claim 2 USDT of support and continue to claim at +06:00 UTC the next day. 

Ukrainians can claim this support directly without going through any intermediary government agency or charity, helping the money go directly to those in need. Ukrainians only need to verify their phone number and perform KYC to verify their identity to be able to receive money. All information about the applicant will be removed from the system once they have been approved to receive support. 

One week after launching the campaign, Flag Network has so far verified 6,169 eligible wallets, corresponding to 6,169 Ukrainians, and supported them with 8,622 USDT. Further details can be found on the Flag Network website.

Give Directly to the People

Flag Network is not on the side of any government or organization. The project team stands with the Ukrainian people and condemns the war. Flag Network believes that war is pointless no matter what the cause. However, in order to support the people of Ukraine, support them directly. Flag Network urges users to give donations directly to the people who really need it.

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