Five MMORPG Blockchain Games You Need to See

Can the MMORPG genre reinvigorate blockchain gaming? Check out Ember Sword, Star Atlas, Kryxivia, Treeverse and Outer Ring!

Ember Sword, Star Atlas, Kryxivia, Treeverse, Outer Ring

Some members of the blockchain gaming space think that Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) will bring the swagger back to the Web3 gaming industry.

MMORPGs are complex games where players can interact with one another, organize themselves to perform tasks, and create player-driven economies. Many think that blockchain technology allowing digital ownership is perfect for this gaming genre as a thriving MMORPG economy has been successfully built in the traditional gaming space. Albion Online, World of Warcraft, and EVE Online are a few examples.

Let’s take a look at a few MMORPG games being built in the Web3 space:

Ember Sword (Polygon)


Ember Sword is a social sandbox classless MMORPG project developed by Bright Star Studios. It boasts a player-drive economy within the world of Thanabus. The map is divided into four regions, Duskeron, Ediseau, Sevrend and Solarwood. Cosmetics seems to be the main Non-Fungible Token (NFT) integration in the game, while players can earn from owning land within the game. A land sale took place for the region of Solarwood last year, and an early demo of the game came out midyear.

Check out their website for more details.

Star Atlas (Solana)


Star Atlas is arguably the most anticipated blockchain game on the Solana network. Developed by Automata and Sperasoft Studios, Star Atlas is a grand strategy space exploration game that features territorial domination and political alliances. Players choose one of three regional factions: Ustur Sector, MUD Territory and ONI region. There are also different space ships depending on what job needs to be done. Star Atlas is still under development, though the team has regularly updated its community on its progress.

Visit their website to learn more.

Kryxivia (BNB Chain)


Kryxivia is a medieval-themed MMORPG led by French founders immersed in the crypto scene. The game is currently in its alpha version, which players can play either in their browser or through a game client. The initial graphics of Kryxivia are reminiscent of earlier MMORPG titles, like RuneScape and MU Online. It has a dual token economy with both Kryxivia Coins $KXA and $KXS having a capped supply.

Browse their site for more details.

Treeverse (Ethereum)


Treeverse is another classless MMORPG that focuses on cooperative gameplay. Developed by Endless Clouds, the team has three NFT collections that impact the game. Players can plant Nftrees that produce consumables for sale to other players. Plots are land items within the Treeverse which players can personalize and rent out. Timeless are purely cosmetic NFTs used to distinguish players apart and can be used across products developed by the team.

Visit their website to learn more about the Treeverse.

Outer Ring (BNB Chain)


Space-themed MMORPGs are in abundance as Outer Ring positions itself as a sci-fi fantasy game with a more cartoonish art style compared to Star Atlas. According to their whitepaper, players are free to choose their paths within the game as it does not have a specific storyline to follow. Five species inhabit this metaverse: Earthlings, Va’ans, Oracles, Scavengons and Mechs. The game is currently in its presale phase, with their marketplace opening earlier this month.

Visit their website for more information.

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