Five Filipino Blockchain Projects To Look Out For

From GameFi to NFT projects, these Philippine developers aim to onboard more Filipinos to Web3.

More than a Scholar

Five different blockchain projects across various chains have been developed by the local blockchain community in the Philippines.

Ark Of Dreams, Anito Legends, Aswang Tribe, Bored Punks Of Society, and The Cryptic Society are looking to onboard more Filipinos to the Web3 space through education, gaming, and other innovative features. Web3Wire reached out to Kath de Guzman, CoFounder of Filipinas NFT, a group that helps Filipino artists enter the Web3 space, to learn more about these projects.

“Filipino blockchain projects are proof that we can contribute to the Web3 space more than just by joining scholarships,” Kath told Web3Wire. “This is a testament to the hard work the teams put in developing their project. These projects succeed because they have established a strong community. They did not hesitate to take their time to lay the foundation and organically grow their community and engagement.”


Prominent Filipino Blockchain Projects

Ark Of Dreams and Anito Legends are two Filipino NFT games in the local blockchain scene that are gaining popularity. Ark Of Dreams is a metaverse game looking to connect the real world with the digital world to make an impact. It is an immersive NFT project that looks to connect people, businesses, artists, and everything in between through its platform. The team has already onboarded a local bank to the metaverse.

On the other hand, Anito Legends is an idle blockchain game built on Filipino Mythology. It is currently in beta mode and continues developing its game ahead of a full launch. The team has also organized real-life events that promote the local blockchain scene.


Speaking of culture, the Filipino profile picture NFT project, Aswang Tribe, created NFT art of the various mythological creatures from the country’s folklore. The faithful followers of the project fervently hope to get a whitelist spot to mint one of 3,333 Aswangs. The team utilized a unique marketing campaign to spread the word about their project and got rewarded with a sold-out collection on the mint day.

The Philippine NFT project, Bored Punks Of Society, aims to educate and onboard Filipinos into the blockchain space. Holding a BPOS gives various real-world discounts to businesses like Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Regency, and PDAX. The team also gives regular web3 educational talks to its community.


The Cryptic Society takes a more community approach to its project. Aside from partnerships with businesses, the team has already added NFT staking to their project and released $TCS tokens that will be used for future DAO voting. This allows holders to have a say on where the project goes next.

With the rise of crypto games, Filipinos have become one of the major users of blockchain technology. These, and many more projects soon to come, hint that the Philippines is starting to become more than a country of scholars.

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