Fish for Rewards: DeshGame’s NFT Blind Boxes Offer More Than Just Collectibles

DeshGame, an NFT GameFi project, launched on Arbitrum with a Genesis Blind Box NFT collection containing 10,000 NFTs priced at 0.028 ETH each. 

DeshGame Begins With Fishing Activities

DeshGame, an NFT GameFi project, is launched on Arbitrum with its NFT sale on March 12. The Genesis Blind Box NFT collection contains 10,000 NFTs for 0.028 ETH each. 

According to the protocol, the first 5000 people to buy NFT blind boxes will receive two lucky blind boxes containing 4-star fishing rod. Then, for people who purchase the following 5000-10,000 blind boxes, they can get one lucky blind box.

The fishing rods are categorized according to quality as follows:

  1. Red fishing rod: Daiwa —  50%
  2. Blue fishing rod: Shimano —  30%
  3. Black fishing rod: Fenwick —  17%
  4. Orange fishing rod: Avatar —  3%

In the first phase of the game, fishing activities will be introduced, and players will need NFT to participate. A reward is determined based on the quality of the fish caught.

A second stage will see DeshGame open the island mode with 102 islands. A player can obtain the right to use the island by bidding and then obtain the basic income share of the island. Further, the owner can open the island to other players. 

Worth noting that DeshGame completed a funding round worth approximately $1.9 million on February 13. This funding round saw participation from Pioneer Ventures, Angel Digital Finance, Super Game Fund, Gaming Engine Foundation, and High Digital Ventures. According to DeshGame, the funds raised will be used to promote the game and develop the multiplayer online gameplay and other functions.

Additionally, DeshGame added $Desh liquidity to Sushiswap on March 14 with an allocation of $100,000 USDT from the seed round fund.

What is DeshGame?

DeshGame is a casual game that was made available on the Arbitrum network. It supports both single-player and multiplayer games. The game’s experience is decentralised. Users who participate in the game can earn rewards based on their contributions and freely transfer them.

Learn more about DeshGame:

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