First Round Bell Rings For MetaFighter IDO

The IDO for the blockchain fighting game will launch on eight different platforms.

Round 1 Starts

MetaFighter, a BNB Chain PlayToEarn fighting project, begins its IDO for its community to purchase its tokens. 

The MetaFighter team announced the events through a tweet on its Twitter account on March 24. Investors can use eight different platforms that partnered with MetaFighter to host the launch of the project’s token. The new token will bring increasing utility for the NFTs and gameplay as described in the March 24 Medium post.

“Investors will be able to get their hands on the $MF token ahead of the game’s upcoming launch and the release of the Dapp on the 15th [sic] April. MetaFighter wants to get $MF into as many hands as possible through multiple channels, as well as giving longtime followers the guaranteed opportunity to buy,” wrote the Medium post. “$MF will allow players to unlock all the utility of the MetaFighter metaverse, including wagers, exp gain, powerups, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on the first $MF token from our partnerships.”


Tokens will be available on TrustSwapMetaLaunchBullPerksGame StationNFTb, and Oxbull starting the month of March, while Enjinstarter and Blockpad will start launching the $MF token on the 5th and 6th of April, respectively. The $MF token is priced at $0.013 regardless of where you choose to acquire the token, while the MetaFighters team targets somewhere around April 10 for its Token Generation Event (TGE).

What Is MetaFighter

FightToEarn, FightToLearn, FightToGain––MetaFighters is a PlayToEarn project built on the BNB Chain that brings the classic arcade-style fighting experience over to the blockchain space. Anyone can participate in the gameplay even without holding an NFT fighter. Players earn $FIGHT tokens by battling other players from all over the world or participating in tournaments for lucrative rewards. Fighters level up and gain experience points in order to improve a user’s fighter and become more competitive in the gameplay.

Where to find MetaFighter:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Discord | Linktree |

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