First Details of RealFevr Play-to-Earn Game Emerge

The first details cover the first look at what the protocol will be working on every day to create the new game.

The Story So Far

RealFevr has been making steady progress towards developing its Non-fungible token (NFT) Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The GameFi protocol with its football video NFT marketplace published an update concerning developing its P2E game that would shake the GameFi industry.

The update is the first look into what is being developed by RealFevr every day. The GameFi project also dropped an image of what to expect from the game in its Medium article. 

“This is the first update on the progress of the future NFT P2E game, and we cannot contain our excitement,” RealFevr published on October 28th. “Keep in mind that this is just a first look into something that is being deployed every single day. What you will see next is a glimpse of the giant we will release in the future.” 

A glimpse of the game | Source

RealFevr looks to create one of the best ecosystems on BSC with the incoming game. The update shows how the GameFi protocol’s team is excited for what is to come due to their effort to develop the game. All things being equal, the future is exciting for the protocol, but there is much work to be done. 

What Will RealFevr Create? 

The update covers the game’s features, including the in-game NFT usage, mechanics, rewards, and gameplay. From RealFevr’s blog, the game would be developed to provide a dynamic and competitive experience, uniting football with digital card games. 

Hence, the game would mimic the traditional mechanics of some renowned digital card games like Gwent, MTG, and Hearthstone. Media outlet NFT Daily teased the new game on October 28th via Twitter. 

“Imagine playing trading card games like #Hearthstone in football style? That will be the gameplay of @realfevr’s next #PlayToEarn #NFTGame,” tweeted NFT Daily. 


According to the October 28th publication, Players would utilize video NFTs from the RealFevr marketplace to play the game. The video NFTs would be the in-game cards, having different attributes. The attributes include attack, defense, and sometimes, special abilities.

“The players will have true ownership of the NFTs, which will always be officially licensed video moments that will become in-game “cards” and will be used to build decks around it, with around 40NFTs per deck,” the blog read. 

The entire NFT GameFi space is anticipating the new game by the protocol. In addition, we look forward to the next update showcasing more progress on the game’s development. For more details about the protocol’s update, refer to their blog

About RealFevr

RealFevr is an NFT GameFi protocol built on BSC with a state-of-the-art football video NFT marketplace. The protocol aims to become the leading NFT project by launching its new NFT P2E game under development. 

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