FinexBox review: Is it legit, or is it a scam?

Many trading sites offer large potential gains, resulting in a high influx of investors into the cryptocurrency markets. Investors are finding it impossible to ignore the market’s surplus of opportunities. However, it is important to remember that the cryptocurrency sector is NOT without risks. Many investors and financial analysts are concerned about its decentralized existence and volatility.

We recommend that new investors conduct thorough research into the cryptocurrency market’s dynamics to understand how the market operates. Investors who are already in the crypto space should do a thorough business study before proceeding.

There are occasionally fraud warnings about exchanges. Recently, questions were raised about FineBox authenticity. FinexBox is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange that debuted in October 2018. But is it legit or just a scam? Let’s find out!

FinexBox reviews

FinexBox is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. They are solely owned and run by HDR Global Trading Limited affiliate. Many questions were raised at this cryptocurrency type when a great percentage of users started complaining about it being a scam!

According to Trust pilot review, Finexbox shows following percentage based on 24 reviews,


According to the website, FinexBox hasn’t replied to any negative reviews for the past 12 months.

Many users complained about not being able to withdraw. Some users stated withdrawals arrive, but they take more than 1-2 days to arrive, not 24 hours, as mentioned on the FinexBox website. Some users say the cost to withdraw BTC is very high, which is 0.002btc or almost 11 dollars, whereas some believe it to be normal due to the high price of crypto. Despite the high withdrawal fee, FinexBox has a high trading rate, which may be due to the leverage trading that attracts customers. The fee could be insignificant for the big players.

We have also checked FinexBox users’ reviews on Facebook. These are some of the comments made on the official website of FinexBox


A user also told his story at a website

“I would like to tell you my story about because they stole my
1.2 BTC. I really need help to have a chance to get my money back. Maybe
you have an idea or can offer me a chance go public with that.”

Read the full story here.  

Based on all the reviews, we can say FinexBox is a risky crypto exchange to put your money in. You need to make sure that you do your complete research before using this exchange. As some users believe it to be a scam and at the same time, some don’t believe this website to be shady at all.

FinexBox Rating on Trustpilot is currently poor

Screenshots were made on 02/05/2021

More About FinexBox on TrustPilot

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[SCAM Alert] FinexBox Exchange Rating Analysis

Last edit 03.04.2020

We received a report that FinexBox was not processing withdrawals. This customer attempted a withdrawal in mid-February 2020 and it was still pending at the end of March:

We contacted support ourselves for clarity and received this answer:

This answer did not adequately address the issue and we have updated the rating accordingly.

Original Source of the report above

Further investigation towards FinexBox

There are also a lot of negative reviews about FinexBox on the amount of negative reviews compared to the positive ones are unbelieveable high. review site of cryptocurrency shows low credibility

finexbox is scam topic on BitcoinTalk

Is Finexbox Legit or Not Topic on Bitcoin Talk?

TokenHell reviewer Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria)  

February 27, 2021 – Last Updated: February 27, 2021

Wrote the following review on FinexBox recently.

FinexBOX logo

The last couple of years have witnessed the introduction of several movements and one of the leading trends in online trading. Times when investors and traders had to be physically present at trading firms before trades can be executed, is over. What we have today is traders and investors trading at the convenience of their homes and offices due to the emergence of online trading. And this achievement is made possible as a result of advancement in technology merged with the capabilities of the internet.

Traders and investors are now enabled to trade and monitor the financial market anytime and any day seizing various opportunities that show up. Speaking about opportunities, the financial markets most especially the cryptocurrency market is filled with so many opportunities that it has become difficult for investors to ignore.

The opportunities present are so alluring that various exchange platforms have recorded a high influx of investors into the cryptocurrency market in the past months as a result of its vast potential gains. However, it is also important to note that the cryptocurrency market is not without its risks as its decentralized nature and volatility are still a major concern to lots of investors and financial analysts.

As a result, we propose that new investors should carry out proper research into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market to have a profound understanding of how the market works. And for investors that are already in the crypto space, the adequate market analysis must be done before any execution of trade to curb the loss of investments.

For new investors and traders looking to invest in the crypto market, the first and fundamental step to take is to sign up or register with a crypto exchange platform. Talking about crypto exchange platforms, they are a digital marketplace that enables investors and traders to buy and sell various digital coins in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto exchange platforms such as FinexBox assist investors to get the best out of the crypto market by providing the necessary support, and trading tools needed. 

You might be thinking that choosing an exchange platform is a straightforward and simple process but it’s quite the opposite. The crypto market is filled with a lot of exchange platforms that it is now difficult to identify decent exchange platforms from scams and mediocre.

What we have in the crypto market today are crypto exchanges advertising themselves to provide the best trading services and features to traders and investors. Most of these advertisements turn out to be false because many exchange platforms fail to provide services up to the expected standard and on the other hand, some of these exchanges are discovered to be scams that are just looking to prey on inexperienced investors.

However, with investors doing their own homework and evaluating the primary features of various exchange platforms, they can make an informed decision and choose a crypto trading platform that best caters to their trading style and meets all their trading requirements.

To make this research easier on investors and traders, we will be making reviews of various exchange platforms in the crypto market so that investors don’t have to spend more time researching for a respectable exchange platform. Talking about good exchange platforms, a good example is the FinexBox exchange platform.

Exchange PlatformFinexBox
Withdrawal Fee0.002%
Trading Fee0.10%
Trading platformTradingView, Mobile App, and Web-based platform
Trading assetsMonero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and so on
Method of PaymentBank Wire Transfer

Read the full article of TokenHell reviewer Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria) here directly

The article seems to be in favor of FinexBox

Final Thoughts of Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria)

Considering the many incredible features offered by the FinexBox exchange platform, we can conclude that it is decent enough to meet the trading needs of investors and traders. However, the question left to be answered by you only is if it suits your trading style and needs and with this review, we hope you’ve been able to come to a conscious decision about the exchange platform.

FinexBox seems to give many reasons to believe something fishy is taking place.

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Dear Team,

I would like to tell you my story about because they stole my
1.2 BTC. I really need help to have a chance to get my money back. Maybe
you have an idea or can offer me a chance to go public with that.

Some magazines are already helping me!

I am from Germany and wanted to buy some BYG (Bouygues Coin). The only
exchange I found was

After I transferred 1.2 BTC from my account to (See
attached screenshots) I read at that the Coin is
on a hard fork and it makes no sense to buy that coin at the moment.

1) Screenshot 1 (payment_to_finexbox.jpg): Transfer from my
Wallet to my account

2) Screenshot 2 (deposit_finexbox.png): The successful deposit at my account

Then I decided to withdraw my funds because I don’t want to wait until the hard
fork of BYG will be done. So I made a withdrawal at This
withdrawal stuck at “waiting for confirmation” since 16th. Feb. 2020 (See
attached screenshot).

1) Screenshot 1 (withdraw_finexbox.png): Withdrawal attempt

I emailed a dozen times to solve the problem. I didn’t get any
answer from them. No information. Nothing. Then I asked the guys from for help. They told me that said, they
recognized several hacking attempts from my account, so they did not want to
confirm my withdrawal.

If there are really hacking attempts from my account they have the
obligation to tell me that. And how on earth they can say that from my IP
came hacking attempts. I have a dial-up account from a german provider. My
IP changes at every dialup.

What hacking attempts should I have been done? I transferred my 1.2 BTC to and then I wanted to withdraw my 1.2 BTC.

Why I did not get any answer from them? Why they blocked me on Twitter
after I asked a simple question?

On their Facebook page are several people with the same problems. All in
all, it’s seems that they only wanted to steal my money. These Posts were
deleted by finexbox to hide their actions. See attached screenshot

1) Screenshot 1 (facebook_finexbox.png): Facebook Comments

Even on Twitter are people with the same problem.

Now deleted my account and stole my money!!

Please, we have to stop those scammers!!!

Thank you!

source url Forums Forex Scam Warnings and Traders Court Scam Alerts SCAM Exchange

Whether or not this webpage is legit or not we do not know. But claims to help users solve their issue with

Official Twitter of FinexBox stay alert on what is happening

Feel free to contribute additional information in the comments below and we might add it into the Finex Legit or Scam Topic. We are planning to add more information to this topic in the near future.

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