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Cryptodaily Admin: Welcome everyone back to another AMA with BSCDaily! I’m your host Daley, and today I’m joined by Moon – Global Community Manager at FOTA (Fight of the Ages)

Moon: I’m so excited lets gooo

Cryptodaily Admin: There she is!!! Thank you for being here, Moon!

Moon: Hello everyone! I’m Moon – Global Community Manager of FOTA! I’m so pleased to be here with you guys!

Cryptodaily Admin: Finally! They’ve been waiting for this AMA for ages actually

Moon:  I’m so happy to hear that

Cryptodaily Admin: Frankly, me too! You’re about to have an exciting event coming up, and I would love to talk more about it. So, whenever you’re ready, we can start!

Moon: I’m ready now Daley! Go for it

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfect, so the first segment of today’s AMA is Q&A with the host. Let’s start with our first question for FOTA

Q1: Kindly introduce yourself and the development team of FOTA. What is your expertise in building games and coding blockchain projects? Is the team public?

Moon: The core team include: 

 – CEO Duc Trinh: He is also the Investment Advisor of Hobbit Venture, with 4 years of experience in the Blockchain Industry.

 – COO/CPO Binh Nguyen: He is Principal Engineer at KIXEYE STUDIO and Technical Consulting Architect at VNG Corporation with many years experience in Gaming Industry.

 – CTO Ryan Nguyen: He is one of the 200 most talented engineers globally under the Microsoft Aspire Program.

 – Art Director: Mr Minh Hoang.

And yes, our team is totally public on FOTA’s website. You guys can check here:

Cryptodaily Admin: Fully doxed, fully transparent! So they are the core members of FOTA. With this great experience in the Gaming development field, can you tell us:

Q2: What is FOTA – Fight of the Ages about? And how do you vision FOTA in the future?

Moon: FOTA is a triple-A MOBA Game Project published by DJINN PTE. LTD. Our Metaverse creates a fantasy universe with 8 races at the time of launch, including: Omni Dragon, Elf, Human, Keen, Demon, Beast, Ogre existing on three worlds: Greenland, Earth and Nightmare. Among these 8 races and 3 worlds, players are allowed to choose a variety of characters to start their journey.

For our vision, We want to become a MetaFi Platform. So in the MetaFi industry, FOTA will focus on GameFi, SocialFi and Metaverse!

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh that’s cool, FOTA world opens up for potentially thousands of ideas for future characters as well. And I would love to know more about your approach to SocialFi, but we can leave that to future questions. For now, let’s talk about the GameFi aspect of FOTA:

Q3: What genre is FOTA? What can we do in the game?

Moon: In our first phrase, it will be a real-time strategy. Our gameplay has two modes: Player-v-player and Player-v-Environment.


– Duel: Players can organize their own match at any time based on FOTA’s automatic matching algorithm.

– Arena: Players can create rooms in 1v1 mode where each user controls 3 to 5 heroes, and 2v2 to 5v5 mode, where each user controls 1 hero.

– Tournament: Are major competitions held on a quarterly or annual basis, in which players will be chosen as the champion with the title of The Universe Champion.


– Daily Quest: layers will fully experience the storyline throughout the FOTA universe

– Warrior Quest: the platform will organize events to maintain rankings for all players to promote development and help players get back the incentive rewards that are FOTA tokens 

– Seasonal Quest: the platform will host side events that allow players to complete quests and receive Super Rare items or rewards

Cryptodaily Admin: Well well well, I believe they also have some demo videos about the gameplay as well on Twitter, so check it out! The graphic lives up to the Triple A game title. 

Moon: Yes, you guys can watch the videos to know how serious we are.

Q4: Is FOTA free to play? If yes, how can free to play and pay to play users earn in the FOTA?

Moon: I’m sure that many people want to know abt this. You will need at least 3 heroes to play FOTA and the price of each hero will range from $170 to $200. Therefore, it won’t be Free-to-play mode. But don’t worry!

To tackle the high-cost problem, we have a renting feature for you! Rent-to-play allows players who already have heroes and items of high levels to rent out those NFT properties on the FOTA Marketplace. So that the new game players can rent the heroes without spending too much money to invest in NFTs

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah cool. Was about to comment on that. But there must be reasons for the price of the NFT heroes

Q5: What are the benefits of holding FOTA’s NFTs?

Moon: Our NFT System comprises 4 types:

Hero: with 8 races at the time of launch, including Omni, Dragon, Elf, Human, Keen, Demon, Beast, Ogre (



Skin: Fashionable item

Our NFTs can be Rent-to-play, the amount of NFT will be limited for each hero. So it will be very rare in the future! Also, in the Worlds Sage (Phase 2), FOTA will open the Cross-NFT feature, thereby allowing users to bring NFT assets, such as Hero and Items, to other game platforms owned by DJINN. Those NFT assets will be optimized to be used across multiple GameFi projects

Cryptodaily Admin: impressively done! So for now, the most obvious benefits of holding and playing with FOTA NFTs are price appreciation in the future, as well as cross-NFT functionality for future games by DJINN. However, you also have a Metaverse as well

Q6: The Metaverse of FOTA is built to be a hybrid reality, please introduce us to that. Why didn’t the team build a fully immersive 3D metaverse instead?

Moon: Interesting question Daley We can deploy the FOTA on the Full Virtual Environment, however we notice that for the full experience in the virtual environment people will need the Treadmill for VR. The treadmill allows players to move around without running into stuff in the room, sometimes it may cause an unwanted accident. So we introduce Hybrid Reality first, so that people can be aware of everything that happens around them. The Full Virtual Reality can be developed in the future, when the demand become more essential

Cryptodaily Admin: So is it fully developed? Can we use the hybrid reality mode when the game is released?

Moon: The version for MR Tech is in the prototype rightnow. We will introduce it at the same time Microsoft commercialize the Hololens 2

Cryptodaily Admin: Man, it’s gonna be expensive but worth it

Moon: Everything changes, it will be cheaper in the future

Cryptodaily Admin: Right, let’s move on to the 2nd most important part of GameFi

Q7: What is your tokenomic model? Please walk us through the use cases of your token as well.

Moon: Here is our Tokenomics:

1.5 %: Seed sale 

5%: Strategic sale

3%: Private sale  

1.5%: Public Sale

65%: Game Rewards 

4%: Marketing & Development 

5%: Liquidity & Listing 

10%: Foundation

5%: Team & Advisor

You can check the details here:

Abt use cases of $FOTA, You can use our token to: 

– Purchase common class Hero/Item/Skin in the Official Store on the Market Place

– Reward for the P2E

– Collateral for NFT Rental

– Join the Farming Program

Q8: There are indeed major problems with GameFi, how does FOTA plan to keep the game sustainable?

Moon: When we design our game, we want the game to be the long-term project with 2 parts (Unity Sage and Worlds Saga). So to help the game be sustainable, we have to understand the problem of hyperinflation. So the hyperinflation comes from 2 things:

The huge increase in price of NFTs 

The huge drop in price of tokens

We need to do a lot of analytic research to give our the solution:

1. For the NFT: We understand that the price of NFT will rise in the future due to the scarcity and rareness. The consequence is that less and less people can play the game. That’s why we came up with the Rent-to-Play feature. We allow entry players to hire the NFTs for playing the game without investing too much at the beginning, and the NFT owners can put their assets on our Marketplace for Rent and earn extra money.

2. For the Token, the decrease in price comes from 2 things: Shortage of Usage and Increase Circulation. So we push the use-case of $FOTA as much as possible: $FOTA can be used to purchase NFT in Marketplace, and used as the Collateral Asset for Rent NFT, used as the Governance Token for FOTA DAO, or used $FOTA for Hybrid Farming program. And we will burn the FOTA Token to decrease the circulation.

Cryptodaily Admin: I hope the team can keep it going! I mean the gameplay looks incredible, it would be amazing if the game economy is prospering. Another important matter for investors is the project’s security

Q9: How secure are your smart contracts? Are there any audits and bug bounty programs?

Moon: We’ve already collaborated with Hacken and Certik to ensure the security of FOTA

It’s true that no project can be completed without any bugs from the beginning, even if they’re billion-dollar games. So we’re planning to hold a bug reporting event after the game is officially released. Regarding structure and rewards, we will announce on our channel:

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for this! And here is my last question for FOTA:

Q10: What can we expect from FOTA in this down market and 2022 as a whole?

Moon: For product: we already released our Beta Testing version, and the official version will be released very soon. In Particular, we will release the PvE mode first, so that the players can earn the reward and train themselves for the PvP mode. In the long-run, we will introduce more heroes and worlds inside our game. For the next year, our Game will have a large upgrade to have the new storyline for Worlds Saga, with which we can input more game genre and gameplay inside our FOTA Metaverse.

For economy: we have to balance the demand and supply of token and NFTs. Users can boost the utility of NFT through Rent-to-play and Cross NFT to enjoy our MEtaverse game in the future. For the token, we will have the IDO on 16/06 with Bluezilla, Oxbull, Equinox and MoonStarter

And! After that, we will list FOTA on the TIER 1 Exchange

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Fight of the Ages

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Moon: Thanks everyone for supporting FOTA! I hope that today AMA can help BSC Community to understand about FOTA Metaverse You guys are amazing~~

Cryptodaily Admin: You too are fantastic Moon! Thank you for being here with the BSCDaily community and introducing FOTA. All the best for you and the team Take care Moon!

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