FEG Token Updates Roadmap, Plots FTW Launch Steps

New updates from FEG team show promising start coming for early 2023. Get the details on the DeFi project’s new roadmap.

New-Look FEG Brings Updates

FEG Token released an updated version of its roadmap on Dec. 7. The new roadmap plotted out the milestones ahead into 2023, which includes completing its rebrand, audits, and launching its From-the-Wallet (FTW) limit-order trading platform.

The FEG Token project has undergone a rebrand in the latter half of 2022, dropping its notable Gorilla imagery for a cleaner, futuristic coloring.

The next steps of the roadmap include several audits, including the FEG Token contract and the FTW trading platform. The FTW will let users trade cryptos and NFTs peer-to-peer, eliminating routing that causes fees. The FTW will be available for Ethereum and BNB Chain, with more EVM chains expected.

Finally, the launch of Smart DeFi 2.0 is the big pending moment for the FEG community. The Smart DeFi 2.0 is coming with a new and improved token deployer that is compatible with nearly all exchanges across Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

FEG Token continues to build and get better. The team is also aiming for a new website to come amongst other updates. From the rebrand to new innovative products, there is much to be excited about in the latest roadmap updates.

What Is FEG Token:

FEG explains the main idea behind its token is to provide a decentralized transaction network that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and the BNB Chain. A hyper-deflationary token, FEG has a maximum circulating supply of 100 quadrillion on both the aforementioned chains, which also includes an inaccessible burn wallet. A 2% transaction tax is distributed among all holders based on the percentage of ownership, including the burn wallet, which acts as a holder that collects tokens over a period in which transactions occur. The team are keen to stress that there is no burn limit, and with this being the case, users will get to enjoy a “never-ending cycle of passive income with positive price pressure.”

Where to Find FEG:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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