FEG Token Rallies After Roadmap Release

FEG team member: The recent price rise shows investors’ confidence in the project’s planning.

$FEG on an Upward Trend

Following the release of a new roadmap for the Feed Every Gorilla Project (FEG) on July 11, the price of the project’s native token, FEG, embarked on an upward rally.

In its new roadmap, the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) project informed users of the ecosystem updates planned for Q3 and Q4 of 2022 and the first quarter of the coming year.

On July 11, the price per FEG token stood at $0.000000000437194. Exchanging hands at $0.000000000499390 per token at press time, the FEG token has since registered a 13% uptick in price. Within the same period, the token’s market capitalization grew from $18.2 million to $20.8 million. 

Source: CoinGecko

Commenting on the recent performance of the FEG token, Frankie, the project’s head of marketing, told BSC News:

“The roadmap is an item I think that was overdue; in a market where price was trending in the wrong direction for a substantial amount of time, existing and potential investors needed confidence and trust in a project and its deliverables while providing clear and concise goals. I think the roadmap achieved its aim in providing this. The interest was always there. We knew it. 1.1+ million holders across two chains show us this. It just needed the flint to ignite the flame. I think it solidifies and shows confidence in the planning, and we’ll do our best to adhere to what’s outlined per quarter in the roadmap.”

What is Feed Every Gorilla:

FEG explains the main idea behind its token is to provide a decentralized transaction network that operates on the Ethereum and BNB Chains. A hyper-deflationary token, FEG has a maximum circulating supply of 100 quadrillions on both the chains above, including an inaccessible burn wallet. A 2% transaction tax is distributed among all holders based on the percentage of ownership, including the burn wallet, which acts as a holder that collects tokens over a period in which transactions occur. The team is keen to stress that there is no burn limit, and with this being the case, users will enjoy a ‘never-ending cycle of passive income with positive price pressure.

Where to Find FEG:

Website | Twitter | Telegram 

Source : bsc.news

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