FEDERITALY to Use Internet Computer to Verify Products “Made in Italy”

Dfinity’s partnership will help certify and validate the authenticity of products guaranteed by FEDERITALY.

Dfinity to Brand with FEDERITALY

Dfinity has announced a partnership with FEDERITALY to use the technology of the Internet Computer to verify products “Made in Italy” and confirm product labels on the blockchain.

FEDERITALY is a non-profit clothing federation that will incorporate the security, speed, and trust of Dfinity’s Internet Computer to certify that products are “100% Made in Italy,” according to a press release shared with BSC News. FEDERITALY will give each product a QR code that will hold the blockchain data on the Internet Computer which corresponds to the product label, guaranteeing the accuracy of the label.

“FEDERITALY has protected Italian entrepreneurship for decades, this partnership with the DFINITY Foundation means that Italian entrepreneurship will always be protected as the Internet Computer blockchain is a tamper proof and infinitely scalable network, free from centralized cloud computing services,” said Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at the DFINITY Foundation. “FEDERITALY has taken a leap forward into the future and is leading the way for international organizations looking to use blockchain technology to improve their services.”

The partnership is built to bring ease to consumers and their products. The old adage that says technology should improve lifestyle manifests with the certifiable label that will display on FEDERITALY products. Users will have relative ease to verify labels with the simple QR code.

“We are excited and proud to bring the benefits of the Internet Computer to FEDERITALY. FEDERITALY operates on a global scale, bringing trust and transparency to consumers around the world, similarly the Internet Computer blockchain has brought the promise of a truly decentralized internet – a “world computer” to the masses,” added Williams.

Blockchain technology allows for immutable and tamper-proof verification and it is very likely more products in the future will incorporate similar technology. With the speed and security of blockchain verification, it is no doubt that similar technology will be incorporated across global supply chains.

What is DFINITY Foundation:

The DFINITY Foundation is the not-for-profit developing the Internet Computer — the world’s first web-speed, internet-scale public blockchain. DFINITY currently operates research centers in Zurich and California and remote teams in locations all over the world. It has a global team of more than 200 people, which includes numerous famous computer science researchers, engineers, and cryptographers. It runs the largest R&D operation in the crypto industry.

Where to find DFINITY:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Medium |


Federitaly is the premier Italian federation dedicated to protecting, promoting, and disseminating the excellence of “Made in Italy” products and services worldwide. Established in 2021, the organization quickly established itself as a leading voice among companies and media outlets. With over 7,000 registered companies, 12 trade associations, 5 consortia, and over 500 professionals, Federitaly has a proven track record of success in promoting the best of Italian production and professional excellence.

FEDERITALY is a global organization that is continuing to grow and keep pace with the speed of Italian entrepreneurship. An ever growing number of producers look to FEDERITALY to promote and protect their brand. The Internet Computer blockchain was designed to scale infinitely, meaning it will continue to operate regardless of the growth of FEDERITALY.

Where to find FEDERITALY:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn |

Source : bsc.news

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