Featuring League of Zodiacs – A Eastern Culture-Based New Game On Binance Smart Chain

Have you ever felt lost in the crypto world, which is steeped in Western culture? Prepare for the exciting League of Zodiacs, in which humans attempt to defeat ancient gods by utilizing the might of the Zodiacs.

League of Zodiacs


Animals from Eastern culture inspired the League of Zodiacs. This can clearly show the link between technology, spirituality, and, more importantly, civilizations. League of Zodiacs will be the first blockchain game to incorporate these mascots in its realm. In that amount, the League of Zodiacs will establish the initial foundation.

League of Zodiacs allows players to hold in-game assets, which they may raise in value by actively playing the game. Participating in the in-game economy will earn you prizes and increase the value of the ecosystem for other players. Cryptocurrencies and in-game resources tokenized on the blockchain serve as rewards for these digital assets.

Game Mechanism

This game is based on the mystical creatures found in eastern culture. This army of spiritual animals will battle the gods who symbolize the worst aspects of life in order to drive them away in exchange for a better life, luck, and happiness. Humankind has fought the ancient gods since the beginning of time, but their might was too great for mortals to handle. Spiritual animals are summoned to aid mankind in their struggle against the powers of evil.

According to legend, the Jade Emperor, one of the most significant gods in ancient Chinese religion, staged a race and invited all of the world’s animals to participate. A pig, dog, rooster, monkey, sheep, horse, snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox, and rat were among the twelve animals that arrived at the starting line. In Eastern culture, there are 12 spiritual animals with unique abilities to aid humanity in their battles with old gods.

Spiritual Animals

The Rat: The Rat animal’s owners are adaptable, hardworking, nimble, and bright.

The Ox: Ox spiritual animal owners tend to be self-sufficient, mature early in life, and have stable and steady personalities.

The Tiger is a hot-tempered animal that understands how to adjust its demeanor to fit the occasion.

The Rabbit: Symbolizes soft-spoken, smart, ambitious, patient persons who will achieve in their studies.

The Dragon: The highly honest and aggressive creature, yet he is also a very short-tempered and obstinate creature. They are powerful, wealthy, and prosperous emblems.

The Snake: The clever, kind, perceptive, and empathic creature, as well as aggressive and unyielding.

The Horse: The great and smart creature, kind and robust.

The Goat: The calm, humble, and shy creature who does not take a stand.

The spiritual animal monkey represents cleverness, agility, and vivacity.

The Rooster: The spiritual animal that represents perseverance, knowledge, and a strong will.

The Dog: The spiritual animal of loyalty, honesty, and uprightness.

The Pig: They are incredibly industrious and eager to listen, while being headstrong and short-tempered.

League of Zodiacs

The Olds Gods

Divoc, the God of Disease, is the god of disease and death. Exist from the dawn of time and are continually seeking to extinguish life.

God of Poverty, Neves: Poverty is the source of all sorrow. All rage originates here as well.

Tihs – Deuced’s God: He is the source of all evil. His satisfaction comes from seeing other people’s sorrow.

Yortsed – God of Devastation: Symbol of death, chaos, and destruction. One of the most destructive gods of antiquity.

League of Zodiacs

Game Play

League of Zodiacs is a PvE Play-to-Earn game in which players must use logic to win battles. There are regulations for combining Spiritual Animals in order to enhance their abilities and aid one another in fight. The Triad is a trio of creatures that are compatible, helpful, and supportive to one another. Meanwhile, the Conflict consists of four-animal groups that oppose each other.

League of Zodiacs

Old Gods are a group of four monsters in the game (Divoc, Neves, Tihs, and Yortsed). Each has a secret system with three creatures that change every hour. To combat Monsters, players must combine Animals and Skills in the most effective method possible. In the game, players may increase their skills to improve their chances of winning.


Animals, Skills, and Lucky Boxes may all be traded and sold on the marketplace. A ten percent transaction fee every successful transaction will be returned to the pool reward. $LOZS is an in-game token that may be used in any in-game transaction.

League of Zodiacs

How to play

To begin your battle with the Old Gods, you must first collect $LOZ, which you must then trade for $LOZS, the game token, at a rate of 1 $LOZ = 1 $LOZS.

Animals may be acquired from the marketplace’s Lucky Box. 12 Zodiac animals and their abilities will be exposed at random.

To sell $LOZ, go to PancakeSwap and exchange $LOZS into $LOZ on Binance Smart Chain. The claim cost is 50% on the first day and steadily decreases over the next ten days. The pool reward will be returned when all fees have been paid.

Project Tokenomics

Total supply: 100,000,000 $LOZ

Pool Reward 38%: 38,000,000 $LOZ

Presale 30%: 30,000,000 $LOZ

List PancakeSwap (PCS) 21%: 21,000,000 $LOZ

Marketing 5%: 5,000,000 $LOZ

Developer 5%: 5,000,000 $LOZ

Airdrop 1%: 1,000,000 $LOZ

League of Zodiacs

Project Roadmap

Phase 01 (From 1/12 – 28/1/2022): Build game, social community and IDO

Graphic design, character design, skills, animation.

Finalize game logic and release game server.

Final amount box in game.

Go-live Website.

Build community: Target 200.000 Member join group (Telegram, Twitter, Discords, Facebook, Youtube).

Audit Contract.

Kyc Pinksale.

Marketing pushing before list:

    AMA on Telegram Crypto Big Groups (Around 20 big Groups telegram).

    Listing on big Telegram Crypto Group (Around 20 big Groups telegram).

    Marketing seeding before listing.

    Event campaign before listing.

    Kols on Youtube, tiktok promote for the game.

Release Tesnet (18/1/2022).

AMA before IDO (13:00 UTC – 21/1/2022).

Golive IDO (21/1/2022).

List on PancakeSwap (21/1/2022).

Release official game (21/1/2022):



    Open box (Zodiacs, skills): Limit 5.000 Box Zodiacs and 25.000 Box Skills.


    Market (28/1/2022).

List on Coingecko (After list PCs 24 hours).

List on Coinmarketcap (25/1/2022).

Phase 02 (From 26/1 to 11/2/2022): Target 20.00 Holders (Market cap reach 15M)

Promote marketing:

    Listing on others exchanges for Play to Earn hunters.

    Hire most famous KOLs on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook promote the game.

    Pushing Digital Marketing on Social and others platforms about Crypto/ Play to earn.

Release game features:

    Equip the Zodiac.



    Boss hunt.

Update UI/UX.

CEX listing.

Phase 03: Raise funds from venture capital funds (Target: Raise funds $5M)

Raise funds.

Go-live Mobile App (IOS, Android).

Build a game studio.

Why you should join League of Zodiacs

Zodiacs Meta

The real-world economic system is evolving into the “Metaverse,” a new digital economy system. The Metaverse is a limitless digital realm in which we can do more than we could in real life. This is a fantastic area for folks who appreciate the play-to-earn system, similar to the Zodiacs Metaverse, where they may perform a variety of amusing and exciting activities. We will extend the cosmos around it to suit the potential Metaverse environment, based on a foundation influenced by Eastern culture, particularly spiritual creatures.

The Real money economy

Players’ awards may be exchanged for cash while playing League of Zodiacs. Players may sell all of their spiritual creatures on the market to make money; we’ll work with the local market to make the transaction as smooth and safe as possible from the Blockchain platform to cash. As a result, gamers can use the prize token to acquire their requirements. 

Price Stability

Players’ participant growth will also increase the token production. Without a mechanism to claim the use of this token, the demand for this token would decrease, therefore leading to overselling and causing the token price to drop continually. That is why in League of Zodiacs, we will apply cryptographic token rewards natively in various important activities.

Learn More

Website: https://lozs.io

Telegram Community: https://t.me/LeagueOfZodiacs_Community

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/LeagueOfZodiacs_LOZ_Channel

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeagueofZodiacs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/League-of-Zodiacs-110878564793880

Medium: https://leagueofzodiacs.medium.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLyXCbu16KrxnO0X3ZwYYig

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@leagueofzodiacs_official

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