Featuring Bakerytools – The one for private and pre-sale listings

PancakeSwap is a decentralized Binance Smart Chain exchange, one of the leading competitors to Ethereum. Interestingly enough, the Binance Smart Chain blockchain consists of the development of Binance, the world’s largest central crypto exchange. Binance competes with two separate blockchain institutions – Ethereum and Uniswap – in the main with PancakeSwap.

The plot gets darker, as PancakeSwap will outshine Binance itself if the scale of the trade gets too deep. In order to make the most of this platform, tools are added based on BSC and PancakeSwap. The one to be featured in this article is Bakerytool.


For Binance Smart Chain & Pool Explorer and for private and pre sales listings, Bakerytool is a centrally based center & trading tool.

Private and pre-sale assets form an important part of the crypto room for fundraising campaigns. It is impossible for many projects to diffuse their private sales. The very first Hotspot of Bakerytools will have information on checked Hotspot ventures and on their ADS. It gives you the chance to participate in future developments in your interest in the next private and pre-sales ventures while having visibility for hot projects.

Proudly Bakerytools offers its users three key features:

– Real-time data analytics: BCS bakery & PancakeSwap real-time data processing. They expect to provide absolute ETH and Polkadot assistance.

– Multipair & Pools: You can save your favorite business pairs from the top with Bakerytools, and be aware of major pair shifts or whether you have completed your transaction. You will use the right tools and guidelines to provide you with the best trade experience.

– Hotspot: Bakerytools will supply you with future private sales and on-site presales. Projects will submit and will only be on the next hotspot if validated. This protects you from engaging in a scam. In order to prevent the risk of roughage, projects may have to conform and undergo verification. 

Project roadmap

May 2021 marks the very first listing of Bakerytools. The project has been rooted since Feb 2021. 

May 2021: 

– Pre-sale, first listings, apply for Coingecko and CMC 

– Platform Development beta: Launch, Pair explorer, Multi swap, Pool exchange Pre ADS and Subscription offer.

Q3 2021:

– Addition of Hotspot to Bakerytools Platform. Full BSC support. Common Pinescripts from on charts. 

Q4 2021:

– Alpha Launch of Bakerytools Platform app. The first buy back and burn. Full support for Ethereum. 

Token Distribution

Funds have been broken down according to requirements. 

Pre-sale 35M – No vesting period. 

Private sale 25M – 50% initial unlock followed by 50% after 1 month. 

Liquidity 20M – Locked.

Team 10M – 10% initial unlock then 10% unlock every 3 months. 

Marketing 10M – 20% initial unlock followed by 10% every 3 months. 

Total supply: 100M TBAKE

Source : bscdaily.com

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