Featuring Apocalypse, A Thrilling Play-To-Earn NFT Game On Binance Smart Chain

On the Binance Smart Chain, the Apocalypse Play-to-Earn NFT game. Players may recruit heroes, make weapons, wands, and shields, and combat mobsters while levelling up. 


What is Apocalypse?

The Revoluzion ecosystem’s second project, Apocalypse, was released on February 28, 2022. A completely web-based play-to-earn NFT game that pays out in BUSD to participants.

Apocalypse is an NFT web-based game that can be played on a variety of mobile devices using a web browser that supports DeFi wallets when connected to the internet. Players may rely on the game’s mobility to allow them to play it whenever they want, even on the go.

Apart from mobile devices, players with laptops or computers may play the game on their desktops or laptops since it is built to provide the finest picture by automatically adapting to fit in the device.

Players may recruit heroes, mint weapons, wands, and shields, as well as upgrade item levels and do a lot more. Play and collect a delectable number of BUSD prizes, with a total of 15,000 BUSD available if all 50 levels of each hero are completed.

The fascinating NFT game stands out from the crowd because of its unique features, which include many characters and in-game accessories, ease of play and earning, and the opportunity to earn up to 15,000 BUSD after clearing 50 levels. 

About Revoluzion

Revoluzion (RVZ) is a DeFi token based on the Binance Smart Chain’s efficiency. Their goal is to deliver a set of fully integrated dApps that provide maximum utility, including a dashboard for tracking token and investor analytics, a multi-function portfolio viewer, a decentralized exchange swap with an integrated chart, buy order & sell limit, and more to be added in the near future.

Revoluzion and all of its initiatives are ever-evolving, which means that there will always be fresh innovations and updates. Various Play-to-Earn NFT games will be released, including Apocalypse, a new server-based engine game that will use RVZ and APOC tokens as in-game cash.

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Project Team Members

The founder, Zackri Muizz, originally conceived Revoluzion in the early months of 2021. Revoluzion’s mission is to reinvent the DeFi cryptocurrency network by launching a slew of ecosystems and initiatives that push the envelope of what’s possible. Revoluzion has been founded and is backed by a solid team of 12 people, with more on the way.

The team is made up of experts in a variety of fields, including Solidity Development, Graphic Design, Web Development, Artwork Sketch, Security Engineering, Social Media Engineering, and many more.


How to start playing?

First and foremost, gamers will need to acquire APOC for around 200 BUSD or more, depending on their needs.

Players may now start recruiting their heroes through the mint tab, and after they have their hero, they can go on to the weapon or wand subtab under mint (depending on their hero class). Players may now mint shields in the shield sub menu after receiving their selected weapon or wand.

Players that do not want to mint may go to the marketplace and buy the heroes and things they want. Players must now go to the inventory tab and begin equipping their hero, weapon/wand, and shield; after this is completed, they may go to the fight tab and begin their battle, earning for each battle won.

Players may also enhance their heroes and equipment by leveling up or the manufacturing process.



The characters in Apocalypse are now divided into two classes: warriors and mage. Before being allowed to combat, warriors would have to equip themselves with a weapon and a shield. Mages would have to equip a wand and a shield before being allowed to combat. In the near future, more hero classes will be published.

Each type of character would have five different skill sets. Characters are classified into three categories: common, knight, and dark knight. Only heroes can be recruited to get rare NFT characters. Rare NFT heroes will not be available as a result of combat drops. Uncommon characters are exceedingly rare and precious, and the smart contract itself is randomized when it comes to minting rare NFT heroes.

Apocalypse angels can be obtained by completing all 50 stages. Angels are updated every time a hero completes another cycle of all 50 levels, including both base attack and defense upgrades.

It is also possible to build heroes by merging two heroes to make a superior version. They installed a burning mechanism in the heroes crafting area to guarantee the marketplace is not swamped with an excessive number of heroes’ NFTs. Whether a player succeeds or fails in crafting their heroes for higher class heroes, both NFT will be drained.


There are various upgradeable goods, such as weapons, wands, and shields, that may be used to improve a hero’s fighting skills.

Weapons: Apocalypse now has five different sorts of weapons that may be used depending on the hero’s abilities. Before being allowed to combat, warriors would have to equip themselves with a weapon and a shield. Due to the difference in skill sets, mages are unable to use warrior weapons. 

Wands: Apocalypse now has five different sorts of wands, each of which is used differently based on the hero’s abilities. Before being allowed to combat, mages would have to equip a wand and a shield. Warriors are unable to use magicians’ weapons since their skill sets are incompatible.

Shields: Apocalypse would now have a single sort of level 0 based shield that can be used by all heroes. There are two sorts of uncommon shields, each of which is unique to a different hero. The Devlin shield would be available to mages, while the Medusa shield would be available to warriors. 


Players would utilize the Apocalypse Marketplace to conduct transactions and even offer their trades. Trading enhances the game by forming a community and assisting players in making new friends.

There would be no call functions in the smart contract to guarantee that the marketplace is secure and safe to use. Technically, the smart contract would be unable to write any functionalities like NFT withdrawal, deposit, money, and so on. The smart contract solely serves as an escrow between the buyer and seller in order to ensure a safe and seamless transaction.

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August 2021

Conceptualization of Revoluzion Token
Projection on Revoluzion Token

September 2021

Extensive research and recruitment of team members
Conceptualization of Apocalypse Token
Conceptualization of future ecosystem projects

October 2021

Extensive research on web-based NFE NFT games
Deployment of project workflow
Deployment of project structure and timeline

November 2021

Additional recruitment of team members
Development of smart contract
Development of website
Development of social media platforms

December 2021

Development of the dApp / Dashboard
Deployment of the whitepaper
Marketing on leading social media platforms
Creation of launchpad on Pinksale and whitelist program
Presale launchpad & Pancakeswap launch
Marketing and advertising on major listing platforms
Listing on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

January 2022

Development of NFT web-based game called Apocalypse
Kick start on the NFT game artwork and design revisions
Development of Apocalypse game GitBook / YouTube tutorials
Development of Apocalypse whitepaper
Weekly AMAs set up on Telegram Group
Development and integration of wallet portfolio
Development and integration of DEX Swap / chart

February 2022

Deployment of Apocalypse Token Whitepaper
Deployment of Apocalypse whitelist program
Deployment of Revoluzion Website V2
Deployment of digital advertising
Adjustment and upgrades on game mechanism and structure
Two weeks of the hackathon on Apocalypse game
Deployment of Apocalypse Smart Contracts
Testing revisions and vulnerabilities security test
Deployment of NFT Airdrops to RVZ holders
Deployment of Apocalypse game for beta test on testnet
Deployment of Apocalypse presale launchpad on PinkSale
Launch of Apocalypse Token on Pancakeswap and Launch of Apocalypse Game

March 2022

Coinmarketcap listing
Coingecko listing
Two days hackathon and evaluation of the game security and exploits
Major marketing roll out with major influencers
Launch of Apocalypse tournament challenge
Mass advertising on Apocalypse game including digital ads
Revision and upgrades on Apocalypse Game

April 2022

Research and development of future ecosystem projects
Upgrades on current Revoluzion dAppsUpgrades on Apocalypse game dApp
Deployment of Dex Swap onto game dApp
Deployment of Player Vs Player
Deployment of Manufacturing, Enchanting, Crafting
Deployment of Armors, gauntlets etc
Deployment of additional Revoluzion dApps
Deployment of more characters and weapons

May 2022

Development of Helbreath game server and Drag Racing NFT game
Development of Rare weapons, wands and shields
Deployment of additional characters and weapons into Apocalypse
Deployment of additional Revoluzion dApps

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