Fastyield Finance Announces IJO with JetSwap Nov 16th at 5pm UTC

JetSwap Finance welcomes Fastyield Finance to Fantom via the Fantom JetSwap IJO Launchpad! This IJO will be raised using $USDC. There will be a 2x $fWINGS farming pool for $FAST — $FTM and a high APR $fWINGS for $FAST pilot pool enabled soon after the IJO. 💵

👉 Get ready for the sale at: 👈 

Fastyield Finance

Fastyield is a yield optimizer, which enables yield aggregation for holders and users of FAST token. To facilitate automation of the yield farming and the process of compounding, Fastyield uses vaults. Vaults also enable a more efficient utilization of gas, as well as other automated processes, and use different yield strategies to help users grow their assets through automation. Fastyield has an optimal compounding strategy with an efficient pricing model, designed to encourage long-term yield farming and provide appropriate incentives for long-term holders. 

Thanks to the automation factor in the process of yield generation and compounding, users don’t need to manually reinvest their staking rewards, but can rely on automated asset growth by simply making a deposit into a Fastyield vault. FAST holders also don’t need to have extensive knowledge of the underlying protocols that support automation and yield optimization, while depositing funds to vaults represents a passive investment strategy. 

Fastyield rewards its users with FAST token This additional layer of interest further accelerates returns. The goal is to increase the initial value of assets deposited by users, similar to how crypto hedge funds work, with minimal involvement on users’ end.

FAST Token

FAST is a governance token native to the Fastyield platform. Fastyield is a yield optimizer deployed on the Fantom Network. FAST token’s utility is as an incentive for users to deposit their assets on Fastyield. Vaults users are getting a bonus yield with FAST token.

How to Buy

FAST token is traded on on the Fantom Network. Jetswap is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to buy FAST tokens and instantly exchange them with other tokens listed on Jetswap.

Fast token can also be acquired by depositing into any of our Fastyield optimised vaults. Your LP will be compounded while you earn an additional bonus APR with FAST token.


FAST maximum supply cap: 856,864 

FAST total pre-mint: 100,000 

Presale: 60,000 Initial Liquidity: 20,000 Marketing/Development: 20,000

FAST Reward Distribution

Total FAST farming emissions: 756,864

FAST farming duration: 365 days

FAST public farming emissions: 

    0.02 FAST per second (1,728 FAST per day) public farming emissions

    FAST team farming emissions:

    20% emissions to Dev team to ensure essential growth of Fastyield Finance

    0.004 FAST per second (345.6 FAST per day) team farming emissions

Initial Jet Offering (IJO) Information:

Date: November 16th at 5PM UTC

End Time: November 17th at 5AM UTC

Token Ticker: $FAST

$FAST Address: 0x0299461eE055bbb6dE11fAfE5a0636A0C3Bd5E8d

Tokens for Sale: 60,000

Token Price: $8.333

Fundraising Goal: $500,000 with $USDC

Per Wallet Cap: $5,000 $USDC

Style: First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) Method

The $FAST IJO will take place directly on Fantom Jetswap using the IJO launchpad. The sale method is the First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) Method so be sure to claim your $FAST tokens while you can. You can find more information about the IJO process here:

How to participate in the IJO

What to do to get prepared for the sale:

All you must do is purchase $USDC tokens from Fantom.Jetswap.Finance or have some Fantom $USDC in your wallet prior to the IJO.

What to do during the sale:

Go to and get ready for the sale.

While the sale is live, commit your $USDC tokens to buy the $FAST tokens. You are purchasing the tokens with your $USDC tokens. This is not the same as “staking”.

The sale will last for about 12 hours or until all the $FAST tokens have been purchased

What to do after the sale:

When the sale is complete, claim the $FAST tokens you’ve bought. FAST will be listed at Fantom Jetswap with a $9 listing price. Initial liquidity will be 20,000 FAST paired with $180,000 of FTM for a starting liquidity of $360,000.

A 2x FAST-FTM farming pool will be opened to earn FWINGS. There will be a high APR FWINGS to earn FAST pool opened.

👉 Fast emissions begin at 5 PM UTC on Nov 18th. 👈

🏦 Introducing the IJO Sustainable Buy Back and Burn Fund 📈

The Jetswap Team has experimented with a variety of ways to continuously burn the inflationary wings suite of tokens. While an enormous amount of WINGS/PWINGS/FWINGS have been bought back and burned during IJOs, the IJO to fund the burns were 1 time events.

In order to bring long term value to the Jetfuel Ecosystem, net IJO proceeds will be used to fund the IJO Sustainable Buy Back and Burn Fund.

The fund will be deployed on low and low-moderate risk pools to earn yield via various vault contracts. 50% of the yield earned by the fund will be used to compound and grow the fund. 48% of the yield will be used to market buy and burn WINGS/PWINGS/FWINGS, the remaining 2% will be used for gas fees and vault maintenance. The vault will be open to the public if they wish to compound along with the fund.

Got any questions? Join the Jetfuel/Jetswap Telegram and ask away:


🌐 Fastyield Website:

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📙 Fastyield Docs:

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