Faraland Teases Opportunity for Custom Maps

Faraland Developers tease the new feature with a short video of what’s to come.

Build Your Custom Map

Faraland teases its community base with a new custom maps feature through Twitter.

The Binance Smart Chain-based play to earn project released a video of what the players can expect from the release of their custom map feature. The team took to Twitter on December 12th to announce the feature and attached a video less than a minute long. The video shows some of the potential features like picking the land type for the game’s tiles.

“Faraland Custom Map is coming soon! This is the chance to show your designing skill and tactical mind Star-struck Your playground – your rules. Stay tuned for more updates!” Faraland tweeted.


This announcement adds another layer to the Faraland metaverse. Recently, the team has released their expedition gameplay feature on mobile. According to their roadmap, a land customization is set for a Q1 2022 release. It is unclear if this custom map feature is what they’re referring to. If it is, then the feature can be coming sooner than we expect.

Your Playground – Your Rules

Based on the video, there are three main components to the map customization – Base, Props, and Characters. Base forms the land composition of the map and is comprised of hexagonal plots of different terrains. Props are the different items that are spawned on each hexagonal plot. These are the trees, rocks, bushes, and other items you can see as you explore the map. 

Lastly, characters are the avatars of the different races that exist in this metaverse. These characters look like they’ll do battle on the map. The video finishes off with a show of different possibilities and combinations of map structures that can be done through this feature. Check out the teaser video on their tweet.

What is Faraland

With a goal to become the leading game on the Binance Smart Chain, Faraland is a role-playing strategy mobile multiplayer game that integrates NFT blockchain technology. It features heroes of several different ethnicities or races – Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons. Each Hero is special and unique – not just your normal NFT collectible. They allow the players to engage in combat inside the Faraland metaverse. Check out their website to know more about Faraland.

Where to find Faraland: 

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