Faraland Is Set To Launch Staking Feature

The BNB Chain PlayToEarn blockchain gaming project will launch their staking feature on March 8 2022.

Start Growing Your $FARA

Faraland, a PlayToEarn gaming blockchain project built on BNB Chain, is set to launch a $FARA staking feature on their platform.

The Faraland community can start staking on the 8th of March and have two options to choose from when deciding how to grow their $FARA token. The team announced the upcoming staking feature through their official twitter account on March 5.

“Faraland New Staking Mechanism. Let’s learn about our New Staking Feature. Users can choose [a] single $FARA staking [or] $FARA – $BNB LP staking. Launch date: March 8th, 2022 Get your $FARA ready to stake now,” Faraland tweeted out.


Players have the option to choose from a single coin $FARA staking or investing their $FARA in a $BNB-$FARA liquidity pool then choose to stake their LPs. Stakers stand the chance to earn lucrative rewards, including more $FARA tokens, NFT items, FaraStarter IDO participation, and experience points to level up their NFT heroes. To qualify for the NFT item rewards, users must stake a certain amount for a specific duration. Players staking at 10,000 $FARA for a period of 6 months will receive one uncommon item ticket per month, while players staking 100 $FARA and $BNB LP token for a lock up period of three months will be able to get a rare item ticket per month. Tickets received will be randomly converted to an NFT of the same rarity.


There is also an amplification bonus to staking $FARA. The longer lock time a player chooses to stake their $FARA, the higher amplifier bonus that player receives. The staking  calculations will be based off the amplified bonus amount, but when players choose to unstake their $FARA, the original amount staked will be given back. 

With long term sustainability in mind, the Faraland team understands the importance of providing liquidity in their economy and hopes that this staking feature will contribute to price stability within the ecosystem.

“Staking is a must-have feature for most of the crypto projects out there,” Trung Ngo, CTO of Faraland, exclusively said to BSC News when we reached out to the team. “Staking aims to provide better liquidity for the project and keep the price stable by locking a large amount of token out of circulating supply.”

Users can start staking their $FARA on Faraland’s website starting March 8. Read the entire announcement of Faraland’s staking feature by visiting their blog post.

What is Faraland?

Faraland is a role-playing strategy mobile multiplayer game that integrates NFT blockchain technology. It features heroes of several different ethnicities or races – Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons.  Each Hero is special and unique – not just your normal NFT collectible. They allow the players to engage in combat inside the Faraland metaverse. 

Where to find Faraland: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium

Source : bsc.news

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