Faraland Books Place in Finale of Battle of Dapps 2.0

Faraland took the round easily despite a good showing from Moo Monster.

Battle of the Dapps Group C

The third and final group round of Battle of the Dapps is over! The finalists are set, but not after another heated group stage. Two of the three projects attended on Friday, February 11: Faraland, MooMonster, with BitHotel unable to attend. Faraland stole the show with over 95% of the nearly 1,000 votes. 

With nearly 350 attendees, our perennial host Tom, gave the projects questions about security, longevity, and security. It wouldn’t feel like a true Twitter Spaces without a few technical difficulties, as Tom the host even went down for a couple of minutes. 

Project Representatives

Son Ho, Project Manager, Faraland

Save, CEO of Moo Monster

Karim, BitHotel (failed to attend)

With hacks stealing the limelight of recent news in the crypto industry, security was a major topic for the day. Faraland seemed to convince most by how they can stick to a long-term goal and be around for a while.

“Many projects are using the rewards from the ecosystem at the moment, and they have a lack of token use case. That’s why in Faraland we have like we build the tokenomics for the long term run,” said Ho. 

Be sure to tune in next for the Battle of the Dapps 2.0 Finale! It is sure to be an exciting one as Faraland, Dark Frontiers, and DinoX duke it out for the crown!

Source : bsc.news

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