FamilyParty Integrates Chainlink VRF Aiding its GameFi Progress

FamilyParty X Chainlink

FamilyParty has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) as the project embarks on developing its metaverse and GameFi features. 

The integration was announced via an exclusive press release obtained by BSC News on March 10. The integration registered a natural step for a project looking to hone in on GameFi features and more specifically distribute their NFT Mystery Boxes in their upcoming initiative. 

“Given the Chainlink Network’s proven reliability and security, integrating Chainlink VRF into FamilyParty was an obvious choice,” FamilyParty explained in the press release, adding “VRF will act as crucial infrastructure for helping ensure a fair and transparent distribution of rare NFTs in our NFT Mystery Boxes.”

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As a blockchain gaming platform, the team explained they need to generate a good deal of randomized data. With regard to the upcoming distribution of NFT Mystery Boxes, different rarities will have to be accounted for and in turn, a fair and transparent tool for generating randomness is essential.

The provably fair and verifiable RNG that enables smart contracts to access random values without compromising security offers an incentive that plenty of platforms on BNB Chain have chosen to adopt. The FamilyParty team explained that the integration was an easy choice having already utilized Chainlink VRF in their Infinity Force NFT Mystery Box Presale for NFT Troops Cards on February 28.

What is FamilyParty

FamilyParty describes itself as a gaming platform integrating metaverse and GameFi, which leads players to experience the metaverse through various games. They intend only to create and incubate many game products for users to create value while enjoying a high-quality experience to access more opportunities while having fun in the game. 

For traditional game developers, they hope to provide a bridge between the traditional game industry and the GameFi field and help traditional games enter the blockchain world at low cost and high efficiency—making GameFi truly playable.

Where to find FamilyParty:

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