FairSafe takes DeFir projects to the next level

Ten years before, the academic definition of cryptocurrency was essentially unfamiliar to the people of the planet. All this changed in 2009 when Bitcoin was created. Today, most people know about cryptocurrency, even if they don’t know how the mechanism functions. 

Bitcoins are produced every 10 minutes at an actual rate of 25 Bitcoins. The number of Bitcoins in circulation is estimated to be limited to 21 million in 2140. The drawback to crypto-monetary trading is that the currency valuation is totally contingent on investment demand and, if the price falls, Bitcoin’s value falls too.

In addition, as money in conventional financial systems does, cryptocurrencies do not signify debt. The money is difficult; it is so precious as having gold coins. However, the availability of their tokens has been limited for most cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has fixed its volume to 21 million, as reported.

Many DeFi projects are also launched following the development of cryptocurrencies which mark the strong development of this sector. The future stage of cryptocurrencies is set by new ventures with trustworthy creators.


This is not the usual “moonshot” project, but only a tiny part of it. In the BSC environment, this symbol really seeks to shed some light on layer 2 solutions. Hook, line, and sinker, as they claim.

In the BSC culture the “equal” and “healthy” prefixes are now part of a great, often dangerous theme. Inacceptable numbers of people have suffered financially from bogus schemes using these prefixes. This is what motivated me to begin work on this project and to provide a forum for people to become informed on layer 2 while at the same time being relevant for De-Fi.

ETH is rising quickly and will not leave soon. ETH 2.0 is years out, though cryptography is now here. The only solution that can be thought of is BSC – but it is not. To be considered a decentralized exchange, Binance retains much too much power. In reality, if their agenda suits, they are able to close nodes and bridges.

The initial launch of this project will be BSC, since Binance Smart Chain is currently witnessing huge traffic following Safemoon protocol and, as a result, many new users are subjected to scams / pumps and dumps. The ultimate objective is to move to Polygon, where FairSafe will live forever.

Project Roadmap

Start of Q2 – 2021

Launch smart contract into the main net.

Launch website for Fair Safe.

Launch pre-sale on dxsale

Audit: Solid_1

Marketing to spread awareness of the project. (YouTube/TikTok/Twitter)

CryptoPablo – Youtube Review

Alexandrus – Youtube Review 

CryptoAdvance – Youtube Review

Blaneoh – TikTok

NFT Marketplace 

NFT Tickets

NFT clothing will be put on auction, 3 pieces that will only be minted once, winners have the option to get the clothing shipped to them or minted as an NFT. 

if minted, clothing will be destroyed with evidence and made into ERC721

If shipped, winner will still have the option to mint but they will have to send clothing back to us, destroy then upload as ERC721

End of Q3 – 2021

New contract formation requires a new LP pool on Polygon for this to be possible another round of presale must happen. All presale participants that use a wallet that held FairSafe previously on BSC will get an airdrop of an NFT from our artists / 100% of their wallet balance that will be vested within a 3 month period. 

Source : bscdaily.com

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