Exploring The World Of Legends Of Venari

We bring you an in-depth look at the gameplay of the creature catching project and the changes that took place since its first release.

Welcome to the Land of Caerras

Legends of Venari is a blockchain game built on the Ethereum network that currently focuses on catching creatures called Venaris.

Web3Wire got access to a pass to play the game and took an in-depth look at the current form of its gameplay. Alpha Passes and Guilded Passes can be purchased off of OpenSea, which facilitates the whole scholarship program of the game. These passes open up access to the game, give owners the ability to set the scholarship split, and allow for the catching of the Venaris to be minted in the future.

“Legends of Venari offers the ability to lend out Passes as assets to your guild,” Legends Of Venari said in their whitepaper. “We want to build out the experience of limited time drops in the NFT world without the upfront cost of minting NFTs. Within Legends of Venari, you can mint and catch many exclusive and rare Venari, all for free.”

Screenshot From Legends Of Venari

The entire game can be played on the browser. The game’s background adds a different vibe that differentiates each town from one another. The Main navigation tool can be accessed through the bar on the left, while energy and gold reserves can be found on the upper right side of the interface. 

Venaris appear on one of the boxes available in each town a player visits. Each Venari caught increases the level of the player and the region. A player’s level increases their total energy, and progressing through the region bar unlocks additional towns populated by different Venari.

Catching a Venari

The player needs to purchase a bait from gold that they have and place it on a map that they can access. Once placed, it is now a waiting game as players need to be patient while different Venaris start to appear. The kind of Venari and their tier and characteristics will be based on different factors, like which bait is used and which map the bait was placed on. Catching a Venari has an energy cost associated with the action. A player’s energy replenishes at the rate of a single unit of energy every five minutes.

Screenshot From Legends Of Venari

Once a Venari is selected, players will choose which rig they will use to catch the Venari and bait to use if they want to feed them prior to the catch. Before attempting to catch the Venari, players will have three options to choose from. The options are Feed, Play, or Fight. The order of the options used will determine the success rate at which the Venari can be caught. 

There are more acton slots available to the higher tier Venaris, making it harder to find the right combination to catch them. Luckily if you’ve caught a Venari before, the correct actions are stored on the action memory feature in the middle of the screen.

“Legends of Venari holds true to the passion of NFTgaming. It is rare to find a game that puts enjoyment and excitement as priority above tokenomics,” Trap Queen, one of the early supporters and ambassadors for the game, told Web3Wire. “They are one of the first games to believe in me and help #TQaid in distributing school supplies. LOV is where my heart is, lenopix is a visionary!”

Initially, Legends of Venari launched without the earning part of their ecosystem, which allowed them to focus on building their gaming platform first. However, they did hold events where the team put up ETH bounties on Venaris with specific serial numbers. However, the main earning feature the team designed is to sell the caught Venaris on a marketplace in exchange for their native token, or ETH.

Venaris have different rarities, badges, and serial numbers, but the developers mentioned giving them more utility than just being collectibles. Caught Venaris are off-chain and must be minted if the user wants to sell them on the marketplace, which is still a work in progress.

Check out the project’s whitepaper to know more details about Legends Of Venari.

What is Legends Of Venari

Legends of Venari is a creature-catching PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on the Ethereum network. Players collect creatures called Venaris, which are off-chain NFTs, and look to sell them on the marketplace. Passes are needed to access the game. These passes also facilitate the scholarship split for guilds.

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