Exploring Ookeenga’s Forbidden Land

BSC news offers an overview of the blockchain PlayandEarn project’s first mini-game after the hatching of its genesis cocoons.

Welcome To The Forbidden Land

Ookeenga, a PlayndEarn GameFi project on the BNB Chain that recently announced details regarding its first mini game, opens up the Forbidden Lands to its community.

Members of the Ookeenga community who have bought an NFT can now see a 3D version of their NFT heroes just after they open their genesis cocoons. The official Ookeenga game requires three heroes in order to participate, but the mini game just requires a user to own a single NFT hero in order to explore the Forbidden Lands. BSC News reached out to the Ookeenga team to know more about the launching of their mini game.

“The original idea of building this minigame is [that] we want to showcase users’ heroes after they participated in the INO event without waiting for the game to launch officially,” Tao Tuan Linh, Cros Games Studio’s CEO, explained to BSC News. “One of our strengths is the ability for players to enjoy 3D visuals. Our goal is to provide our players with the greatest possible experience. Furthermore, we wish to use our manufacturing capabilities to increase community trust in our initiative.“

Screenshot from Ookeenga Mini-game

BSC News was able to mint and hatch a genesis cocoon to obtain a hero to explore the Forbidden Lands. A tribal drum beat instrumental as well as high quality 3D graphics greet users entering the Forbidden Lands. The current explorable area seems to be a village inside a forest with a large screen showcasing the Alpha version of Ookeenga’s main game. There are four NPCs that players can interact with, the Antuk Elder, Antuk Bard, Mau Blacksmith, and the Altar Tree.

Users who purchased a genesis cocoon during can access the Forbidden Lands by opening their cocoons first to reveal their heroes on Ookeenga’s event website. Paid players can then select the hero they wish to explore the Forbidden Lands with and click “Start Exploring” under the hero details tab. Free players need a whitelist code sent to their emails in order to access the Forbidden Lands.

Screenshot from Ookeenga Mini-game

Once inside, users can control the camera with their mouse by left clicking once and moving the mouse left or right. Players can use the keys W, A, S, and D, or the directional buttons in order to move around the Forbidden Lands, while the spacebar prompts their hero to jump. The E key is used to interact with the different NPCs in the Foribdden Lands. The right side of the screen has the quests menu and mini map, while the left side shows the leaderboards, events page, and account and game settings.

Forbidden Lands isn’t only about a first look at the Ookeenga metaverse, the mini game also has a tournament where players need to collect blue crystals, through quests or picking them up on the map. They can then convert them into red diamonds by bringing them to the blacksmith. A maximum of two red diamonds can be crafted per day where any blue crystal not converted into a diamond will be lost at 0:00 UTC. Those with multiple NFT heroes can craft two red diamonds for each hero they have.

Screenshot from Ookeenga Mini-game

Seven red diamonds can be converted into a ticket by talking to the Altar Tree. The amount of red diamonds and tickets will determine the player’s score for the season. Top players will get lucrative rewards depending on their placement and the season they’re participating in. A total of $10,000 has been allocated by the Ookeenga team as prizes for the mini game tournaments.

Free players, or players who got access to the minigame through a raffle, compete in a separate tournament pool from those who purchased an NFT. Check out Ookeenga’s mini-game user guidelines for more information.

What is Ookeenga:

Ookeenga is a 3D real-time card collection tower defense GameFi project built on the BNB Chain. Developed by Cros Game Studio, a gaming studio that has partnered with big brands like Nintendo and Steam since 2014, Ookeenga is a tower defense game that resembles Clash Royale’s game mechanics more than that of the Warcraft TD games. 

Where to find Ookeenga:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube 

Source : bsc.news

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