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Don-key is lowering the entry barrier for both yield farmers and liquidity suppliers, allowing two distinct classes of people to engage in the DeFi environment: those with limited investment capital and those who are unable to devote themselves to learning the skills and techniques needed to participate in the DeFi world.

Project vision

– Don-key is the first social network to link yield farmers and liquidity providers.

– Don-key allows high-yield farmers to increase the resource under their control while increasing profit volume for both farmers and investors.

– Don-key is a forum for novice or low-capital individuals looking to join the DeFi community.

The mission is to provide yield farmers and investors with a gamified social trading experience, as well as a streamlined strategy tool and positions, while also providing farmers with enough liquidity to implement their strategies.

Key features

– “Copy Farming” – Track top farmers and browse Don-plan key’s builder to learn and auto-invest in the new farming opportunities.

– Strategy Builder – A drag-and-drop gui for quickly planning and optimizing various farming scenarios.

– Farmer Reputation – Based on confirmed APY performance and a track record of success.

– Investor Credibility – By participating on Don-key, investors gain a reputation on the website, which unlocks additional layers of entry to the highest Alpha opportunities.

– Governance tokens are awarded to top farmers and liquidity suppliers.

– Non-custodial pools will save a lot of gas by pooling contributions with other partners that follow the same protocols.

Risk scores

Don-Key yield farmers are graded using a patented Sortino Ratio formula, which rates a portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns compared to an investment target when taking into account downside risk.

They are working to improve the algorithm using new portfolio theory so that it satisfies DeFi expectations and platform requirements.

Per strategy has an associated risk score to make investors’ lives simpler and to provide a true table of comparison between different strategies. This score is expressed by a number between 1 and 10, with 1 representing low risk and 10 representing high risk. When the first strategy is applied, the risk score is set, and it is updated as further strategies are applied to the farmer’s profile.


Don-program key’s enables investors to participate in a variety of facets of the platform.

Governance – Investors will be able to score farmers by on-chain voting, assessing not only a farmer’s APY or APR performance, but also his/her communication abilities in providing policy descriptions or macro analysis inside the network.

Capital hybrid / capital assignment – Using multisig programmatically generated wallets, investors can create thematic funds and delegate capital to one or more yield farmers under a closed-end fund mandate with distinct benefit and fee management laws.

Investors will be able to unlock different levels of entry depending on the tokens they stake, their interactions with the network, and their inclusion in governance systems.


The fee for the Don-key system is currently set at 5% of gains and 0% on assets under administration. Fees are accrued on a FeeTreasury deal dubbed ‘The Smelter,’ which is regulated by the governance token. Farmers should set their own strategy fee schedule, which could include a deposit fee, an exit fee, a maintenance fee, and a success fee. To secure investors, only farmers with a track record of success are permitted to enforce deposit and withdrawal fees.


DeFi is constantly evolving, and the goal of Don-key is to provide a plethora of protocols and other technologies in order to provide their farmers with the richest, most up-to-date working environment possible. To that end, they will provide all developers with the possibility of adding protocols, resources, and services. $DONs can be used to incentivize external developers.

Don-team key’s will introduce the MVP with BSC integrations and will touch on most facets of the environment to have a proof of concept on how the marketplace should function:

Exchange and liquidity: Pancakeswap

Earn and Aggregators: BeefyFinance, AutoFarm

Credit and Lending: Venus

Cross chain: Binance Bridge

Stablecoin: bDollar

Don-key will run on an open source foundation after its introduction, encouraging every developer to incorporate protocols, chains, features, and resources.

Any changes to the code must be accepted by a majority of the governance token holders.

According to the tokenomics below, 10% of TGE tokens would be allocated for growth bounties and prizes in the following manner:

For a total of 36 months, it will be released in a linear fashion. The cumulative set daily sum will be released pro rata to the developer’s wallets based on the total volume used in each of the protocols, chains, and functions generated.

Source : bscdaily.com

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