Exciting anti-bot feature in Sandman Layer 4 – Destruction

The introduction of Sandman Finance’s fourth layer, Destruction, has been eagerly anticipated. They are delighted to offer their fourth layer. To provide the best security for their community, they incorporated an Anti-bot Feature utilizing the Blacklisting Technique to their contract.

After the Launch of Sandman finance, layer fourth Destruction, they have undergone specific assessments to install a security system for their community. The Anti-bot Feature is now available in Sandman Finance Layer 4, and this is the first time this security feature has been used in a project. This feature’s primary goal is to protect the startup liquidity from bots.

Destruction Farm Launch Date

The Destruction Layer Farm will start on the 14th of November, the pools have already been prepared and are accessible via the website below.

What is the mechanism behind it?

The Anti-Bot Feature searches for three things:

1.    Tx Is Higher Than Anticipated In Condition One

There should be no transaction that exceeds the maximum threshold: 3% of the initial liquidity amount 1.5 Devastation—this condition aids in a more equitable launch.

No wallet will be able to purchase more than 3% of the original liquidity in a single transaction. As a result, the transaction will not go through. You’ll receive an error message.

2.    Wallet Balance Exceeds Expectations In Condition Two

There should be no balance in your wallet that exceeds the maximum limit:

9% of the initial liquidity amount (4.5 Destruction).This condition aids in detecting bots that seek to acquire numerous smaller transactions than is permitted and then combine them into a single wallet.

Both the source and receiver addresses are verified under this circumstance, and the bot address is immediately added to the blacklist if this criterion is met.

3.    Your wallet is already on a blacklist in the third Condition

The current wallet should not already be on the blacklist. This Condition verifies that the bot address has already been added to the blacklist. The transaction is invalidated if this is the case. Both the source and receiver addresses are verified under this circumstance.

Addition-To The Blacklist Manually

While this function is active, the Sandman Finance Team will be monitoring transactions. Any questionable address or transaction will result in the wallet being manually added to the blacklist.

Timeline for Feature Availability

This feature will be enabled before the token launch and disabled before the commencement of farming.


Suppose you think you have been blacklisted out of the blue, and you can prove that you are not a bot and provide authenticity proofs such as Transaction logs, wallet addresses, etc. Contact Sandman Customer support for help to get out of the blacklist.

It’s our great pleasure to present to you Sandman Finance Layer 4: Destruction.
After a great Layer 3, it’s time to see how we’ll continue on this 7 layer path.

Let’s dive in the dream!

We are happy to announce our premier exiting feature: Blacklisting Anti-bot

Anti-Bot System

Sandman Finance Layer 4 is proud to present the Anti-bot System. The first project to feature this security measure.

New Badge for our Anti-bot System

In a never-ending effort to get the best security for our community we added to our contract an Anti-bot Feature using Blacklisting Technique.

The main focus of this feature is to guard the initial liquidity against bots.

How does it work?

The Anti-bot Feature checks for 3 conditions:

  1. Condition 1: Tx higher than expected.
  2. Condition 2: Wallet balance higher than expected.
  3. Condition 3: Wallet already blacklisted.

Manual add to the Blacklist

The Sandman Finance Team will be monitoring transactions while this feature is on. Any suspicious address/tx will trigger a manual add of the wallet to the blacklist.

Feature Availability Timeline

This feature will be turned on before token launch and will be turned off before farming starts.

Blacklist will be on forever.

False Positive — What to do?

If you get blacklisted and can prove that you aren’t a bot, Please contact Sandman Finance Customer Support, and we’ll help you get out of the blacklist.

For detailed information, please check here:Anti-Bot SystemBlacklisting feature to protect the Communitydocs.destruction.sandman.finance

Launch Type: Fair Launch with Blacklisting

Taking benefit of our premier Anti-bot System, the first implementation is Layer 4: Destruction.

Destruction will be the FIRST EVER Fair Launch with Blacklisting feature

We are taking all necessary steps to ensure the utmost peace of mind for token holders.
We are preparing this layer launch with the best current security strategies at DeFi.


We had secure 2 great partnerships for this layer: PolyPup and PolyCristal.

Both Will bring great exposure to our project. Both projects are top-notch in Polygon. Glad to have this partner.

Destruction Kingdoms

We’ll have several Destruction Kingdoms (Dividend Pools), where you’ll stake Destruction and earn other tokens (Rewards).

The first was: Stake Destruction -> Earn miMatic

For extra info, please check here:


We are proud to present 2 flavours of vaults in this layer:

  1. Vaults on our platform, for all-layers native tokens.
  2. Vaults on our partner: PolyCrystal.

Partnership Program

We believe that the DeFi space is all about collaboration.

So we have set up a partnership program for projects, in which we join forces to achieve great results.

We do this through 4 types of joint actions:

  1. Rewards Kingdoms (Dividend Pools)
  2. Cross Farming
  3. Vaults
  4. Cross Marketing

For extra info check here:Partnership ProgramBecause DeFi is all about collaborationdocs.destruction.sandman.finance

and More Features are coming!

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