Everything BSC News NFT As We Get Ready For Public Mint Day Tomorrow

Recapping all the important news and updates published so far regarding the BSC News NFT.

BSC News NFT: A Recap of All Updates So Far

The BSC News NFT mint finally kicked off earlier today, September 13, with the whitelist mint exclusively on Rareboard. The public mint takes place tomorrow, September 14, at 2 PM UTC. If you have been whitelisted, you could still go ahead and mint here before the public mint begins.

As the BSC News team has been working around the clock on the project, there have been a few updates and news events taking place.

Below is a summary of the important news and updates about the BSC News NFT.

BSC News NFT Minting Details, Gaming Guild Perks

While understanding the incredible utility the BSC News NFT brings to the BNB Chain ecosystem is crucial, perhaps the most pressing question for many users is – How do I mint the BSC News NFT?

This article covers mint details for both the public and whitelist mints so you can easily mint your own Premium membership pass!

Read about the mint details here.

The BSC News NFT offers utility on BNB Chain for a variety of use cases, but one of its biggest perks is access to the exclusive Gaming Guild. NFT holders will have access to over 10,000 NFTs to use in a variety of GameFi projects, as well as a place to communicate with other gaming fans.

Read more about all the perks the Gaming Guild offers here.

The BSC News NFT Art-Off Design Competition

Engaging and building a strong connection with community members is a top priority for NFT projects. BSC News NFT sought to truly involve its community by holding the Art-Off competition wherein community members submitted their own BSC News NFT designs, with the grand prize of turning their design into an official BSC News NFT.

Learn more about the competition here.

BSC News NFT Founder Insights

NFT projects need to maintain transparency in their team’s vision and goals as well as planned utility. The BSC News NFT team shared their perspective on the creative process of designing the NFT in an exclusive chat, as well as laying out how the NFT truly unlocks utility for the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Check out the team insights here and the demonstration of utility here.

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