EverRise V2 Launch Blasts Off With Staking and Migration

EverRise marches forward with important developments and giveaways to boot.

EverRise V2 Now Officially Underway

With the launch of EverRise v2, users will be able to access EverMigrate and EverStake, meaning they can migrate tokens from v1 to v2 and stake them immediately after. 

EverRise v2 officially went live on November 29th, and just two hours later, an incredible 34.49% of their total supply was staked and locked, the team confirmed via their official Twitter.

Excitement has been brewing throughout the Twittersphere for this project with even David Gokhshtein, a part of the team and the founder of Gokhshtein Media and CEO of PAC Protocol, professing his bullish stance on EverRise: 

“EverRise got more bridges than NYC,” Gokhshtein tweeted on November 28th, “EverRise is coming.”


Indeed Gokhshtein’s tweet is a playful nod at the fact that EverBridge means users utilize chains in one supply with access to BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum. In a market where moving assets can sometimes be problematic, this will be welcome news for many interested users. 


Bored Yacht Club NFT Giveaway

In celebration of this milestone moment, EverRise will also be giving away a Mutant Ape Bored Yacht Club NFT!

In order to enter, users must hold at least 55,000 RISE v2 tokens either in a wallet or staking contract on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum or Polygon. Users will be able to enter up to three different staking contracts in the additional entries for the competition

The lucky winner will then be drawn on December 13th at 23:00 UTC.www.youtube.com/embed/uRDP4-7COys

What is EverRise?

EverRise is a blockchain technology firm that provides bridging and security solutions across various blockchain networks enabled by an ecosystem of dApps (Decentralised Applications). The team consists of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that aim to make the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem better. The main objective of the company’s ecosystem is to provide tools to the market so that it can self-regulate and provide assurance to the participants, which would allow DeFi to reach its true potential.

Find more about EverRise here:
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Source : bsc.news

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