EverRise Teases Upcoming Partnerships and v2 Updates in Social Media AMA

The project’s developers continue to build at the dApp suite in conjunction with the coming version two release.

EverRise Prepares Rise To Version Two

With a touch of professionalism and diligence, the team from EverRise held an AMA over Twitter Spaces and Youtube on 19th October 2021. In front of a few hundred interested users, the Everbridge marketing team fielded questions and gave insight into the next steps towards its v.2 developments. 

The team announced several exciting pieces of news to hopefully hype fans across multiple chains. Several key developments are coming from the EverRise pipeline in the coming months, including EverBridge v2, a wallet, a staking dApp, a swap exchange, plus even more functionality to the entire platform.

“What we’re building is relatively new and innovative to the space,” said Jenn Duong, Director of Marketing. Duong continued: “We’re building for longevity. When you think of this feature to transfer and bridge coins, native tokens, across blockchains without having to go through someone like Binance, it’s fewer steps, it’s fewer fees. It’s going to make swapping and investing in crypto way more seamless. That feature alone is—excuse my language—effing brilliant.”


EverRise brings an innovative bridge mechanism with a claim to speed that is very high: 15-second cross-chain transfer speeds. The platform launched its multichain bridge barely two weeks ago and has several developments in the works that aim not to infringe the platform’s integrity. All the work of the platform looks to be merging nicely at once.

The team stressed a reminder that it is not always so great for projects to be coming together so quickly. The team is hitting the roadmap on time but was quick to express critique, however, they are confident in their timelines. 


Two, Billion Dollar Projects

The project teased two significant partnerships of projects of $1 Billion market capitalization. Bringing in partnerships worth over $2 Billion in market cap would be a massive boost for liquidity and token holders. The userbase almost glossed over the information that one of the devs had to remind everyone it was mentioned.

“I’m surprised we haven’t gotten more excitement from the two billion-dollar projects or tokens that we’ll be partnering with. For me, that’s maybe the most exciting that has been shared far,” said Wasso of Business Development Director.

The news from EverRise continues to be bullish, and we could see a big rise once the two billion-dollar projects are revealed. Until then, the project will continue to build out its suite of dApps to provide functionality and facility. The team has done little marketing and has focused primarily on development. With a press plan in the works, we’ll see what comes of it. 

“We wish we could tell you who the two projects are, but we can’t. It is a big deal,” added Justin Tyler (LORD TJ), Director of Communications.

For the entire AMA, please see the recording on YouTube.

About EverRise 

A proprietary, hyper-deflationary token which rewards token holders with static rewards and automatically burns every trade from the liquidity pool. On top of that, EverRise offers an automatic buy-back option for token holders. When the buy-back feature is enabled, the contract will buy back and burn tokens after each purchase. The use of $RISE tokens will be applied to their upcoming dApps, EverOwn being the most anticipated. EverRise aims to bring additional levels of trust, safety, and security to the Binance Smart Chain space.

Where to find more about EverRise:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Source : bsc.news

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