Ethereum Dominates NFT Market With $3.5 Billion in Sales

CryptoSlam! Data displays a pick up in NFT volume, notably on Ethereum and Avalanche.

ETH and AVAX NFTs Rising

Ethereum continues to dominate the NFT market with nearly $4 billion USD in 30-day sale volume.

Despite complaints of fees, Ethereum continues to increase market share, increasing volume by nearly 50%, according to CryptoSlam! This comes as the entire NFT ecosystem reapproaches 1 Trillion in monthly volume across all chains.

“Our CryptoSlam NFT Global Sales Index is showing a steady upward trend in unique buyers and overall sales. Unique buyers are at all-time highs, reaching 895K in January alone,” stated the CryptoSlam! Team.

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Diving further into the data, it is apparent that Avalanche NFTs have been the hottest this month, with a near 200% increase. While NFTs are not as hot as they have been, data shows that the demand is picking back up.

JP Morgan has pointed out an increased interest in Solana, but data shows AVAX and ETH have been hotter topics this month. Overall this data is bullish for all NFT ecosystems as they are back on the rise.

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