Ertha NFT Metaverse Embraces BSC

Live life, win elections, declare wars! DeFi’s first-ever Ertha Metaverse is poised to launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Dear Humanity, this is your chance to architect the world. The BSC-based in-game currency, Ertha Token-powered P2E game offers a near-real life simulation on a large scale. Ertha Land NFTs also form a part of Ertha Metaverse’s currencies, also having a governance model. Players can micromanage their owned companies and countries, to earn rewards. You can multiply your funds in Ertha Token by playing in real world simulation, in a players-driven economy, wars, politics. Why not be an Ertha land owner, and generate a lifetime revenue?

Players will need to enhance their assets’ economic, infrastructure, and military particulars to proceed and claim domination over other players. Offering multiple features, Ertha virtual world lets players turn into landowners, businessmen, politicians, soldiers, or farmers.

Ertha players take crucial decisions that shape the fate of the Ertha metaverse. Offering multiple revenue systems, Ertha players would get rewarded via the Ertha token. Players can indulge into chaotic conflicts, economic strategy, production and development, and social life. Hosting 350,000 HEX land plots in NFT-form, players earn a cashback on each transaction they initiate as a landowner.

Project “ERTHA” trailer – NFT game

Ertha Game Development Facts:

Ertha’s Alfa development commanded 17,000+ Code commits and 30,000 hours of program code writing.

Ertha’s Map is divided via NFT hexagons. Players decide where to live, study or work & earn tokens.

Ertha Land HEX enjoys great value in the NFT world as there are multiple tax-paying companies and players.

Chaos is good? Territorial disputes and international conflicts augment Ertha NFT value.

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