Equilibrium – the Future of Farming

Get the most of your DeFi farming in 2 clicks with maximized ROI with auto compounding and diversification up to 7000% APY.

Introducing Equilibrium by YEL Finance

Equilibrium is now live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon and Fantom. Equilibrium is the very first Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio manager that automatically invests and compounds on multiple strategies without the user having to do anything. It handles everything for you — diversification, re-balances, and includes multiple portfolios by risk levels. In addition, a dedicated team is monitoring the market for any adjustments needed.

DeFi has needed an automated portfolio manager for a long time and now YEL Finance has delivered the first one!

The concept is simple: users choose a risk level and deposit chain-native tokens on the chosen risk level pool. This deposit gets swapped and allocated on multiple strategies. 

Why Do I Need Equilibrium? 

Long story short – to take your farming to the next level and increase your profit. You don’t need to monitor where you have placed your funds, whether the APR is still the same, or where to relocate your funds to profit more. Equilibrium does it all for you.
  On each network where Equilibrium is deployed there are:

3 risk levels ranging from 50% APY up to 7000% APY

Underlying assets are automatically managed and rebalanced 

Auto compounding without user intervention

Smart diversification of portfolio across a number of strategies within a given risk tier

Deposits with a single coin for each network

All redemptions are in $YEL

How Equilibrium Works

Total capital allocated by users of the protocol are diversified into multiple farming strategies using best available APRs delivering the best average APY while seeking to minimize risks at stake, including impermanent loss. The Equilibrium Vault would be calling autocompound for every farm anytime some individual interacts with the Vault, hence selling the rewards to form new LPs and increase positions on the farms. Every person is issued shares from the Vault when entering the protocol. These shares would represent a share of total capital. Equilibrium is managing capital allocated by automatically rebalancing between the farms and auto compounding rewards. 

There is absolutely nothing you have to do. Equilibrium would be using best farms across chains within the risk-defined strategy and taking care of maximizing your potential returns.  

Behind the Scenes

Equilibrium will constantly monitor the positions, re-balance them, fetch and reinvest staking revenues, and diversify across many strategies.

For each network deployed, Equilibrium has three pools:

H2O — the low risk portfolio: Native network coins and stables.

Tesla — the medium risk portfolio: Well established projects’ token pairs with deep liquidity;

Frankenstein — the high risk portfolio:  Relatively new projects’ token pairs with high APRs.

Currently the due diligence performed to launch Equilibrium includes 150+ strategies from 50+ DeFi projects. All strategies (list of enabled strategies at launch) are manually selected and whitelisted by Yel.finance and the DAO can propose and vote for new strategies at any time.

There is no lock period, deposits are not taxed, users keep 100% of the swap fees in the LPs. The only fee charged by the protocol is 15% of farming (not LP) rewards. 

Each Equilibrium position is composed of multiple LP positions: each one of those is in turn composed by two tokens and it is put on stake earning a third token as farming reward.

During the withdrawal of position, Equilibrium swaps all those tokens to $YEL and that is delivered to the user.

Security First

We take security of your funds as top priority and have taken the following security measures:

Equilibrium is audited by Solidity.finance.

A white hat hacker has also informally audited it.

It has been tested extensively internally by the community, partners and devs.

We made the withdraw process multi-block to avoid flash-loan attacks: users have to request withdraws with a transaction, wait for some blocks, and only then make a second transaction to finalize the process.

The shares tokens are non-transferable, to avoid multi swaps.

Deposits are always validated by TWAP oracle.

Final Remarks

DeFi is rapidly evolving and YEL wants to be at the forefront of this process. We are early on and it is just a matter of time and we are going to take over.

Want to find what’s next? Avalanche EQ launch, new strategies added all the time, tailored collaborations/partnerships for Equilibrium, xYEL and many others. Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts.

For more information about YEL Finance and Equilibrium, visit the following links:





Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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