Enigmatic Whale Executes Another Multimillion-Dollar Altcoin Purchase on Binance – Dive into Its Latest Transaction

The Mysterious Whale 0x865: Cryptocurrency Moves on Binance

A mysterious wallet identified as “Whale 0x865” has recently caught the attention of the crypto community with significant transactions on the popular exchange, Binance.

Over the last two days, Whale 0x865 orchestrated a series of transfers, moving various tokens totaling an impressive $85.02 million to its cold wallet.

Recent Whale Transactions

Just hours ago, Whale 0x865 completed a withdrawal of $32.2 million, involving four different tokens:

  • 67,000 BNB ($15.3 million)
  • 6,300 ETH ($13.2 million)
  • 230 billion SHIB ($1.92 million)
  • 200 million IOST ($1.82 million)

This follows a withdrawal made approximately 20 hours earlier, where the same whale moved $1.21 million worth of APE, ZIL, GRT, MANA, AXS, MKR, JASMY, and AVAX.

Whale 0x865’s Account Details

Whale 0x865’s account, created 175 days ago on June 8, 2023, has been under scrutiny as a large number of tokens began accumulating in the account, fueling speculation that it may belong to Binance itself.

As of the latest data, Whale 0x865 currently holds various assets valued at a total of $86.6 million.

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