Empire Token: Creating a Super Token

The project aims to set itself apart from others by focusing on multiple token attributes with real-world use-cases.

Introducing Empire Token

The Empire Token will bring users an innovative coin that offers multiple use-cases, stretching from DeFi applications like NFTs to real-world operations that flex the token’s capabilities.

Empire Token 

The project theme “Keep Climbing” captures its intentions to serve as an ever-progressing project created to push the boundaries of DeFi. It will also implement innovative industry-accepted practices like the static RFI and automatic LP that ensure that liquidity is available at all times and real-life utilities that are coming soon.

Project Components

The Empire token is laced with real-life use cases and real DeFi applications for users and holders alike. The project’s various components will be harnessed to give users what’s missing with other DeFi projects – a way to bridge crypto into traditional transactions.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT):

Empire NFTs come with unique attributes and an extra layer of utility that allows users to license their media for commercial use.

Empire Token NFTs | Source

Users will also be able to trade and stake NFTs on the platform, but it is the licensing feature that makes Empire unique. Instead of only making a one-time profit on a single, artists can earn steady income by leasing their assets for use. NFTs have hardly been tapped into 

RFI and Deflationary Mechanisms

Empire Token is embedded with both RFI and deflationary mechanisms. This means users and holders can acquire frictionless rewards simply via interacting with the token.

Why Empire Coin | Source

Deflationary means the total supply steadily gets depleted, resulting in continuous reducing total and circulating supply and increasing value due to scarcity of the token. Many projects offer seemingly incredible rewards, but have little to no deflationary measures in place. By providing a concrete path to reducing the overall supply over time, Empire is circumventing their token seeing an abrupt crash in value due to an oversaturated market.

Automatic Liquidity Provision (LP)

A certain percentage of all Empire tokens will be used to automatically add liquidity to their pool on PancakeSwap. This could mean a continuous availability of liquidity and a steady increase in the token price over time, especially considering the success of PancakeSwap in the BSC ecosystem.

Real Applications 

Instead of completely focusing their attention on intricate DeFi use-cases, Empire has broadened their horizon to include real-world applications for users outside of the DeFi community. By using Empire’s search engine, users can purchase tickets and book accommodations. The token will have a variety of real-life use-cases that will implemented over time, making the project a bridge for the community.

Project Updates

The start of DXSALES presale was completed June 7th, with the full hard cap of 800 BNB selling out within 13 minutes. 80% of the presale funds are now locked with PancakeSwap, with that sale beginning on June 11th.

EMPIRE Token launch on PancakeSwap holding soon!


The total token supply is 1 billion EMPIRE, which has both deflationary and reflectionary properties. 

EMPIRE Token Allocation

The top address holding tokens represents Locked EMPIRE.

Locking Transactions

PancakeSwap Liquidity Locked – 640BNB (80% Presale Funds)

Empire Manual Burn Wallet Locked 11.88%  – 16th July 2021

Staking & Rewards Wallet Locked 10% – 16th July 2021 – Evaluate and relock the wallet again

Empire Marketing Wallet Locked 7% – 27th May 2022 (50 Vestings)

Empire Team Wallet Locked 7% – 27th May 2022 (50 Vestings) 

Partnership’s Wallet Locked 5% – 16th July 2021 – Evaluate and relock the wallet again

Token Distribution 

EMPIRE Token Distribution | Source

The token distribution is as follows:

Private Sale – 6%

Presale – 32%

Liquidity – 21%

Marketing – 7%

Staking and Rewards – 10%

Partnership and Listings – 5%

Manual Burns – 12%

Team – 7%


Roadmap | Source

Plans For Month of June

Private Sale

Website 1.0

Social Media Accounts


Smart Contract Audit

Empire Token on BSC (Done)

Empire Token on PancakeSwap


Empire on Blockfolio, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap

Live Videos with Founders

First Partnership Announcement 

NFT Marketplace Teaser

Plans for July

Website 2.0

Launch NFT Smart platform (NFT Marketplace & NFT Licensing)

NFT Marketplace Audit

NFT Staking Pool 

Development of the First Version of the Empire Payment Service

The plans are not exhaustive, meaning more integration and products are underway. The current roadmap concentrates on two core areas; the NFT and the Empire Token. Empire aims to revolutionize NFT and how we interact with the tokens, giving added utilities. NFT will find new exploration with the communities and DeFi users.

Source : bsc.news

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