Elven World – Stepping Into GameFi 2.0

The project seeks to offer an immersive and profitable experience for users, sidestepping many issues currently plaguing GameFi and play-to-earn projects.

Where GameFi 1.0 Has Failed

In the past two months, the crypto market has experienced fluctuations and an overall downwards trend. There has been a serious decline in prices in the stock and crypto markets, which caused many GameFi 1.0 projects to step off the altar.

The main reason for these struggles is simple   most of the blockchain games in the GameFi 1.0 era are setting a high threshold for new users to spend more on a game, and distributing rewards to old users: this weak balance under the high rate of return is very vulnerable to collapse by factors such as the sales of local token, the fading popularity, and the loss of users.

The Birth of GameFi 2.0

From the gaming point of view, most GameFi 1.0 projects don’t have sufficient operation, strategy, and are not as fun. The sole purpose while playing the game is to earn an income blindly, which often leads to a situation where people are using AI to achieve earning,  creating inflation in the game that stymies its potential. Thankfully, with the birth of GameFi 2.0, there is finally a solution to this situation. The biggest advantage that GameFi in the 2.0 era has over GameFi 1.0 is that the games have both great gameplay and economic benefits. Game production in the GameFi 2.0 era also has higher playability compared with off-chain games. 

From the combat graphics and design style to playability,  Elven World seeks to meet the needs of players in all aspects.

Introducing Elven World

Elven World is a brand new GameFi 2.0, with various gameplay modes: NFT equipment collection, equipment creation, PVP card combats, multiplayer legion battles, dungeon gameplay modes, and more.

5 elves

Elven World builds a grand World of Elves with five different occupations: mage, priest, warrior, archer, and assassin. Each elf is born with five basic combat attributes: Life, Attack, Defense, Agility, and Wisdom. These basic combat attributes are calculated based on the equipment level the elf is equipped with.

5 equipment

Users can “Play And Earn” by playing against each other, mining, or via world leader board,  World Bosses, and more.

In addition, users can also gain revenue by trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), participating in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) activities, and managing the community environment. 

How to Play and Earn on Elven World


Elven World has three major modes of play: Free to Play, Free to Earn, Play to Earn. There are also the following ways to gain profit in the game:

Hold tokens to generate interest and stake EWS tokens to earn income

Stake Genesis equipment NFT to earn income

Participate in market trade to be eligible for dividends that will be distributed by game developer (from the repurchased processing fee resulted from market trade)

Increase combat effectiveness to increase the revenue gained from PVE and PVP combat 

There are several benefits of owning Genesis equipment:

Enter the exclusive “Genesis Mine” in advance to get income from mining

+50% extra computing power as a reward

High-level epic equipment (Equipment level: Great-Excellent-Epic-Legendary).

Earn more NFT and EWS (Elven World’s main token) from gaming

Serves as an exclusive benefit for the first batch of supporters with a total of 10,000 sets, with no future supply (helping to increase their value)

The Elven World project seeks to build a decentralized virtual world based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with open and transparent features and advantages. The project is currently running on BSC and will become cross-chain compatible for multi-directional business expansion in the future. Elven World’s GameFi creates a unique play mechanism, short investment return cycle and token reflow, deflationary tokens and diverse application scenarios. Hence, Elven World believes the project is destined to break new highs and continue to gain more popularity.

Elven World Shard (EWS) Token Distribution

Mining rewards – 70%

Sales – 5%

Ecosystem Foundation – 5%

Technology Development – 8%

Market incentives – 7%

Operation Team – 5%

Security Measures

Elven World utilizes the characteristics of blockchain technology to ensure the security of users’ revenue. After the steady rise of the EWS token, Elven World will be built into a multi-application and functional innovation platform. There will be no lock-up of tokens –  tokens flow in and out at any time, and the code is completely open source and transparent. It uses the modern cryptography ECC algorithm (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) for a high degree of encryption security to ensure the security of assets. As a result, users can enjoy the fun of playing and earning with the Elven World while maintaining peace of mind.

Project Progress and Plans

Elven World believes that after the reshuffle of the 1.0 era, the arrival of the GameFi 2.0 era will soon open up a new wave of excitement. The team claims to have created a new and fair business model for the market. With the help of NFTs,  the full ownership of virtual assets in the game are guaranteed, and each NFT asset obtained by the player is unique. Compared with the traditional gaming industry, players are able to truly earn an income in Elven World – it is definitely a more attractive business model to the end user.

Elven World has successfully held its first and second rounds of pre-sales (each round contains 1,800 sets of Genesis equipment NFT). There are a total of 10,000 sets of Genesis equipment. No additional sets will be issued afterwards. The Genesis equipment can be obtained through the pre-sale and official dividends will be paid to players.

Players can also create new equipment (though Genesis equipment cannot be created). After the 5 rounds of pre-sales, we will be launching the game and our main token EWS. Elven World will be built into a multi-application and functional innovation platform.

Marketing and Roadmap

The pre-sale and the game will be launched together at the same time. The launch is planned for the end of March. Here’s a quick overview of what’s to come:

The exclusive mining pool of Genesis equipment will go online to gain capital and profit.

Pinned promotional posts in several popular Chinese communities with millions of subscribers.

Locked liquidity on various famous platforms

The experienced development team will continue work on the project.

AVE open screen ads + home page ads

BSC daily newspaper and promotion of global market

For more information about Elven World, visit the following links:



Telegram: English Group

Telegram: Chinese Group



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