ElonMoon is essentially a play-for-money moon exploration in a moon-themed setting for an enhanced experience that harnesses what makes humans the most important step. ElonMoon believes that the token can bring investors joy and interact freely with each other, access to opportunities that lead to financial freedom and towards the next stage in development. of the internet and online interaction. In addition, we believe it will connect tokens with Elon Musk’s “Moon 2024 plan” to build our new home on the moon.

The game is slated to launch in 2022. In the game, you will earn tokens by helping to rebuild your homeland on the Moon, building, farming, mining, etc., after a terrible tragedy occurs on Earth. You get a chance to get up close to the Artemis Program and preview the survival principle behind it. BE PREPARATION FOR ARMAGEDDON!

I. Ideas and vision

1. History of making ElonMoon

ElonMoon is another legendary Play-to-Earn game launching in 2022 on BNB Chain. This cool Metaverse game is inspired by one of the biggest blockbusters, called MoonFall. “Moonfall” describes the horror that would occur if the Moon went out of orbit and crashed into the Earth. Before that big impact, the Earth’s gravity will gradually decrease, while the Moon will dump debris as it gets closer. Emmerich came up with the idea of ​​sending humans to the Moon and starting a new life there. 

“Art is inspired by life but beyond it”. The film’s story matches the main idea of ​​the Artemis Program. NASA is getting ready to send astronauts to explore more of the Moon as part of the Artemis program. The agency chose SpaceX to carry the next two American astronauts to the surface of the Moon. Elon Musk is in it. Given Musk’s reputation in the crypto community, the ElonMoon team mimicked future life on the Moon according to Project Artemis and designed the game. No doubt many Elon fans will buy ElonMoon tokens and eagerly await whatever happens next.

2. Value of the ElonMoon Project

ElonMoon’s central philosophy is the belief that projects can be done more equitably, sustainably, and in a way that benefits everyone involved. No large corporation or company is looking to extract personal data from users for advertising or profit maximization for annual reports. ElonMoon wants people to have fun, interact with each other freely, access the opportunities that lead to financial freedom, and move toward the next stage in the evolution of the internet and online interaction. The team has seen poor results when projects are developed in greedy, unsustainable or deceptive ways. They wanted to create something that rose above all these methods. ElonMoon will be empowering, transparent, fun, healthy and fair.

ElonMoon believes strongly in decentralization, keeping this value at the core of everything it does. Decentralization gives everyone an equal opportunity to participate and use their strengths to help a project grow and the freedom to decide how it is done. Being socially responsible provides the tools and resources in cyberspace to create a fun and adaptive environment for individuals to grow and earn, no matter where they are or where they are.

II. ElonMoon Token

$ELONMOON is the token for the ElonMoon metaverse, which will be launched on the BSC ecosystem.

$ELONMOON is a BEP-20 token with a total supply of 6,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Except for the ambassador-specific tokens, which will be locked for two weeks, the remaining tokens are always publicly tradable after the public launch.

Unlike most projects, there are no private funds or VCs for Elonmoon resulting in more stagnant price action.

Increased purchasing power will be stimulated through price pumping led by an innovative algorithmic model. This is another reason why ElonMoon stands out from the crowd and once again emphasizes the truly decentralized ethos of the ElonMoon Metaverse Project.

1.$ELONMOON’s usability and how to earn

$ELONMOON will be used as the medium of exchange in the metaverse. It will be used to buy, sell, trade and modify in-game assets.

Alternatively, $ELONMOON will be used like:
➣ Entry points for different areas of the metaverse
➣ To access the game
➣ Virtual concerts and clubs
➣ Media, entertainment, education, modes of travel in the metaverse
➣ Invest in virtual real estate
➣ Mining in-game materials
➣ Pay other players for services, social experiences and programs
➣ Anything else a currency can be used for in the real world, but virtual.

In return, players can also earn $ELONMOON by helping to build bases, plant solar panels, do farming, and more.

The most interesting thing is the DeFi scenario is welcome here. This shows that users can perform peer-to-peer financial services in the ElonMoon metaverse.

▸ For example, they can earn interest by lending excess $ELONMOON to the Lending Pool without paying taxes. It is a digital currency for the virtual world on the Moon.

Users will also be able to pay each other with $ELONMOON while exploring the exciting ElonMoon metaverse.

▸ For example, one could pay other skilled users to help steer a ship, protect them, or perform other tasks in different side quests.

These missions could be traveling through dangerous territories or environments, defending against pirates and robbers, or where the mission is to be completed quickly and requires an excellent pilot with an animal. Super modern train for success. By accessing leaderboards, job sites or holograms, players can hire or buy top pilots in different space hubs.

2. Tokenomics

Total Supply6,000,000,000,000,000100%

⧫ $Elonmoon Contract Address: 0x03a3cDa7F684Db91536e5b36DC8e9077dC451081

⧫ PancakeSwap: pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x03a3cDa7F684Db91536e5b36DC8e9077dC451081

⧫ DexTools: www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x150908316745e03c58635472a9c591f80b836e74

III. Borrowing & Earnings

ElonMoon’s agreement for collateralized borrowing calculates a variable interest rate based on the utilization of funds, with a prime rate of 2.5%. The user is provided with a quote from the oracle corresponding to the borrowed asset before granting the asset. Once the collateral rate is selected, the contract is executed, and the tokens are staked to borrow the asset.

1. Algorithm Floating Rate

The borrower borrows assets from the Lending Pool as BEP20, and the interest calculation is token-based. The interest rate is calculated by the utilization rate of the pool token.

To calculate the borrower’s interest rate you need to get the capital utilization rate first:U_a=borrows_a/(cash_a+borrows_a)

The Borrow contract will agree to a real-time interest rate with the borrower:Borrow Interest Rate_a=2.5%+0.2U_a

For each transaction that occurs, the interest rate index of the asset is updated to compound the interest rate since the previous index, denominated in tokens of debit and credit units, during the period of use, using the calculated interest rate for each block:Index_a,n=Index_a,(n-1) * (1+r*t)

Total market outstanding borrowings have been updated to include interest outstanding since the last index:Total Borrow Balanced_a,n=total Borrow Balanced_a,(n-1) * (1+r*t)

2. Class pooling model

According to our economic model and overall formula calculation and user volume accumulation, we can easily calculate that our tokens will continue to rise with at least a 500% increase.

IV. Gameplay

1. An overview of the ElonMoon Metaverse

Elonmoon Metaverse is oriented to be an expanded 3D universe, where players will enjoy exploring and creating in. Elonmoon’s goal is to create a platform that is secure, structured, top notch graphically, and can grow modular over time.

Can include a variety of mechanics, aspects, tools, space themed games, events, and anything else the developer and community want. Given the nature of the metaverse, the possibilities for what the platform can do are truly endless.

The ElonMoon team has drawn inspiration from the experiences of games, movies, books, online shows, and a range of collaboration ideas from the community and by the likes of Moonfall fans. Rich imagination will be the most powerful and valuable tool for what can be created in the ElonMoon Metaverse, allowing the team to push the furthest boundaries with their ambitions such as:

 Build your base
 Grow solar panels
 Start vertical growing
 Prepare moon land

2. Free mode

When starting to participate in ElonMoon, players can fly to the Moon by spaceships and land on the surface of the Moon to begin their journey to survival on the Moon. At the start of the game, the player will have a power supply, two bottles of oxygen, a cybertruck funded by Elon Musk to drive on the Moon, and assembling materials for buildings and panels. Sun. The facility needs to carry the vehicles to perform the tasks and the energy and materials that need to be produced. Very precious items and materials on the Moon.

a. Materials

If to make materials, it is necessary to build solar panels to provide power supply equipment. Players need to use tools to mine and then collect them on the equipment machine to produce more infrastructure materials to build a new home on the Moon.

𝅓 Space Suit: The space suit can provide the player with protection on the lunar surface.

𝅓 Miner: Ores mined with a miner can produce other items of higher value and higher value to give, and the player creates materials for survival on the Moon.

𝅓 Oxygen: On the Moon, oxygen is scarce, so players need to wear aviation gear to have an oxygen supply. Oxygen is also an extremely valuable source of energy, which will affect oxygen depletion according to the amount of activity. On-board oxygen also needs to use resources to generate new oxygen and feed it into the aeronautical equipment.

𝅓 Instrumentation system: Equipment is one of the most important infrastructures on the Moon. We will provide equipment to the player at the start of the game so that the gameplay goes smoothly.

𝅓 Oxygen supply: The player needs oxygen, but the amount of oxygen is limited; players need to get mining equipment to upgrade to provide oxygen.

𝅓 Production of infrastructure materials: Are you tired of the same farming games on Earth? Now play the role of a real modern farmer on the Moon! Explore new farming possibilities in the New Moon environment. Prepare the land on the Moon for your base and vertically cultivate inside it. Sure, it will be more agricultural than ever! The Moon is composed mainly of silicate minerals. Typically, plagioclase is by far the most abundant and often contains significant amounts of pyroxenes and olivine.

𝅓 Solar Panels: Explore the possibilities of farming on acres of the Moon! Start from scratch with preparing the ground on the Moon for your base. Hop on your Moon Rover with the robot and speed up the missions, but watch out, or you’ll run out of gas!

𝅓 Growing Food: And now it’s time to grow crops vertically inside your base! Start growing different crops and growing plants in vertical technology. Do you need more acres of land? Start using small space with vertical farming and see impressive results on the Moon!

⁕ Upgrade materials:

Each different item and tool level will affect the player’s progress and outcome in the game. You can also visit the equipment facility to upgrade to more advanced tools to reduce player wait times in the game. As players play deeper, as a free nation on the moon, we’ve also developed materials that allow players to craft their rockets to unlock.

b. View from the Moon

In single player mode, players can enjoy different experience on Moon and Earth. Looking at the vast universe and the Earth on the surface of the Moon is certainly a breathtaking sight.

3. Competitive game mode

The ElonMoon team is developing a new game mode to compete for the Moon base missions, where up to 8 players can play simultaneously. The story implies that, on the surface, different players will compete to build a base on the Moon.

a. Base construction

Many players are always greedy while expanding their territories and will use unused infrastructure materials to craft combat equipment and weapons. The most important thing is to provide energy while surviving on the Moon. Solar panels that back up the system are essential materials to power combat gear.

b. Partner

In competitive mode, players need to focus on survival and deploying strategies, which also increases the difficulty for players significantly. At the same time, the development team also thought about giving players a higher level of playing experience during development.

Besides, they have developed a mechanism for different players to cooperate and buy and sell materials and supplies. The game in this mode allows the player to experience cooperation and will allow the player to get help.

4. Play-2-Earn

The output of these materials is closely related to our tokens. Players can use the output materials to exchange tokens or use the funds to buy materials and tools for higher level exploration. Our research and development team hopes that players during our gameplay can enjoy the benefits of this game.

5. ElonMoon NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique individual tokens with additional information stored in them that can take the form of digital art, in-game items, music, video, copy-write, and archival of original documentation. NFTs offer an opportunity for people to express themselves online by acquiring or creating unique items and customizations.

In the ElonMoon metaverse, players can buy and trade collectible NFTs produced by the ElonMoon team. You can even create NFTs to showcase your talents in this metaverse. Thanks to that, you can earn big profits depending on your luck and ability.

V. Roadmap

Website update Launch
➧ Whitepaper 1.0
➧ Elonmoom Token presale
➧ Metaverse Planning
➧ Develop the community of Metaverse on Unity Game Engine
➧ Elonmoon Token launch
➧ Minigame Launch at Website and social media
➧ First auction NFT release
➧ Elonmoon NFT Launch at Opensea
➧ CG & CMC Listing

Mobile app release
➧ NFT Smart Contract
➧ Elonmoon Market Launch 1.0
➧ Build NFT 3D Gallery
➧ Second auction NFT release
➧ Develop Space Station NFT gallery
➧ Profile Implementation
➧ Metaverse Launch
➧ Elonmoon Market Launch 2.0
➧ Whitepaper 2.0
➧ Elonmoon game release and test

Listing at the top CEX
Build Web 3 implementation
➧ Do the offline Party for royal players
➧ Invite the bigger influencers to build their house at Metaverse
➧ Give away rewards to the shill community
➧ Assistant “2024 Moon Plan” by Elon Musk to help the plan success
➧ Website design develop

When is the game launched?
The Elonmoon game will be launched in mid-Q2 2022.

VI. Elonmoon 2.0 – $Moonpro

One more hot news for “Moon astronauts” here! Moonpro is an upgraded version of Elonmoon, which is expected to go in the direction of a series of moon exploration games. Elonmoon 2.0 promises to make investors extremely happy and they can interact freely, seize the opportunities that lead to financial freedom and to the next stage in development of the internet and online interaction.

The Elonmoon team is working tirelessly to continue to deliver Breakthrough Technology and bring ultimate success to the project and its community. In addition, there is a huge potential that the game will connect the upgraded tokens with Elon Musk’s “Moon 2024 plan” to build a new home for humanity on the Moon.

Born For the Community

Tokenomics of $Moonpro are all polled by the community.

 No rebase function.

️ Anti-Bot is deployed.

5% tax is added for each transaction, all tax will be burned automatically.

Moonpro presale date, soft cap and hard cap are polled by the community.

Moonpro presale date: 1 pm UTC, 14th March.

Soft cap remains at 269 BNB and the hard.

VI. Airdrop

To celebrate the launch of the official ElonMoon whitepaper, the project is holding its first $ELONMOON airdrop event. A total prize pool of $90 trillion ELONMOON worth US$6300 will be distributed to 6000 random winners. The airdrop event is being held from February 24, 2022 to March 24, 2022.

With upcoming partnership planning and marketing efforts underway, the project will reach new heights by the end of 2022 upon completion of the final phase of the roadmap.

Hope the above article will help you get ready to participate in this super unique and exciting ElonMoon Metaverse.

Source : cryptodaily.io

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