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cryptodaily.io hosts an AMA with Elonmoon. #Elonmoon #BSC #BSCDaily #AMA

Ms. Mandy: Hi BSCDaily-ers. Nice to e-meet you all!

Mr. Jack: Hi Daley

Ms. Mandy: Thank you Daley! I’m Mandy and I’m the marketing lead of Elonmoon.

Cryptodaily Admin: How about you Mr. Jack? Do you wanna tell us a bit about you?

Mr. Jack: Sure, my name is Jack Bayart which was introduced at the beginning of the AMA. I graduated from Université Paris-Saclay with a master’s degree. I’m so lucky and appreciate joining the Elonmoon project team as COO.

Cryptodaily Admin: Such a nice day it is! So are you guys ready to start the AMA?

Ms. Mandy: Absolutely, I’m ready.

Mr. Jack: We can start

Q1: What is Elonmoon Game? Why did you build this project?

Ms. Mandy: It’s important to take care of our own planet as well. lol. But we need to explore new possibilities!

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes that too! Can’t move to the moon if the earth is blown

Q2: Is Elonmoon related to Elon Musk or SpaceX?

Mr. Jack: We are definitely related to Elon Musk and his SpaceX! The name of our project is ELONmoon. The name itself indicates our relationship. We believe Elon Musk can make his dream come true, planning people to Mars, but he never forgets to explore the Moon. Moon exploration is a plan by his ‘2024 Moon plan’. The project needs his rocket to help us get to the Moon and get there to build the new home for our humans.

Elon Musk is considered as the spirit of Elonmoon, and we hope to support Elon Musk’s plan shortly and achieve our dream together.

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah I read about this, the government + NASA needs Elon’s help for the 2024 moon plan

Ms. Mandy: Exactly! Yes, we wish to support it shortly!

Mr. Jack: 2024 I think also be a important year for Elonmoon

Cryptodaily Admin: Man can’t wait for him actually getting to the moon and Twitter will be BLOWN away with Elonmoon – related tweets

Ms. Mandy: Hahah, lots of our members shill for Elonmoon below his Tweets already, we are waiting for the day when he tweets about us!

Q3: When will the Elonmoongame launch? What’s the current plan for our project?

Mr. Jack: In the roadmap we published, you can see that the game’s demo will be released in Q2 of 2022, and we plan to launch the Elonmoon game in June publicly. The Elonmoon Metaverse will be an expansive 3D universe filled with exploration, discovery, and creation. The goal of Elonmoon is to create a secure, structured, highly polished platform that can develop modularly over time. The website and whitepaper of the Elonmoon game have already been launched. Moon connection mini-game has already been released on our official website to allocate the first whitelist of BNB wallet addresses to play the Elonmoon game.

Ms. Mandy: $Elonmoon presale was really successful yesterday, and it will launch on PancakeSwap right after this AMA. You will see the grand opening of the Elonmoon NFT farming marketplace at the end of March. Besides the sixteen ambassadors we already announced at this moment, we will continue to cooperate with more than Forty influencers as the ambassadors and holders of $Elonmoon in this week

Q4: $Elonmoon token will be listed on PancakeSwap at 4 pm today. What is the $Elonmoon token? Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of its use cases?

Ms. Mandy: With the steady automated revenue from Elonmoon metaverse and algorithms pumping with moon farming, rewarding $Elonmoon holders, we believe that the Elonmoon project will be shown on the top gainers’ list of most major cryptocurrencies listing platforms and CEXs!!!

Come and build your land on the Moon with us.


This is also the answer for the current plans!

Mr. Jack: $Elonmoon is the token for the ElonMoon metaverse, which will be launched on the BSC ecosystem. It is a BEP-20 token with a total supply of 6,000,000,000,000,000. Except for tokens reserved for ambassadorship, which will be locked for two weeks, the rest tokens have always been publicly tradable after public launch.

Unlike most projects, no private fund or VCs for Elonmoon resulted in more stagnant price action. Increased buying power will be stimulated through the price pumping led by the innovative rebase algorithm model. Elonmoon will achieve at least a 500% increase in price every 24 hours, according to our predictions. This is another reason why ElonMoon stands out from the crowd and again emphasizes the truly decentralized ethos within the ElonMoon Metaverse Project.

Ms. Mandy: Our token will also be used to buy and swap spacesuits, mining tools, Oxygen bottles, and other types of equipment needed to build your land on the Moon. In the NFT marketplace, some of our members already win an Oxygen bottle NFT through playing the mini-game on our official website. You can also use $Elonmoon to buy those NFTs when our gameplay launches. In general, $Elonmoon will be the cryptocurrency with a high prospect of appreciation in the Elonmoon metaverse!

Cryptodaily Admin: The Team seems really confident in Elonmoon and I really wish you’re gonna achieve every goal you set out to!

Q5: Let’s talk about the user’s benefit here. How do players earn money through the Elonmoon?

Mr. Jack: Letting all of our members care about our planet and build another home on the Moon sustainably is our vision. Also the more you explore the game, the more benefit you will get. Users will earn with Elonmoon in three ways.

1. Playing the Elonmoon game to earn Elonmoon in free mode is playing by yourself. Every material needs fuel and buy tokens to get equipment, but players do not have to buy the token to upgrade, but the equipment will take less time to finish. When purchasing the equipment, the token will be connected with raising to earn money and build the home base on the Moon. Competitive mode is between investors and competitors building the base on the Moon. The base build-up to the own base and weapon can occupy another competitor base.

Once you win the Elonmoon game, the token raised in the game will be yours. The cooperation in competitive mode is the most fun part of the game, building the base with 2 or 3 allies will be much more exciting. This way you will earn less tokens than solo but you will level up faster.

Cryptodaily Admin: Not to mention playing in teams will definitely help you survive enemies’ attacks and win easier

Ms. Mandy: That’s true!

Mr. Jack: 2. Holding and buying the Elonmoon token. The price and market value of Elonmoon will be multiplied. The value of Elonmonn users hold and buy will be multiplied correspondingly.

3. Staking and moon farming, earnings from moon farming can be staked after Elonmoon farm goes live. Please stay tuned! The APY will be amazing.

Q6: How do you plan on marketing your project and attracting players using Elonmoon Game?

Ms. Mandy: Our game developers and designers are amazing and they are hard-working! Well, we have done a lot of marketing to make as many users as possible know about the Elonmoon.

Including token airdrops, featured projects on all major listing platforms like yours platform cryptodaily.io and BSCNews. Our ads banner is running in all of the major crypto platforms.

We have already cooperated with more than fifty influencers, and half of them are our ambassadors who will be the long-term Elonmoon holders and will continually shill for Elonmoon. You can see a list of ambassadors on our official website. When we interact with them, they all show that they are bullish on $Elonmoon because of its tokenomics and idea of moon exploration. In addition, we started lots of events to motivate our members to shill for Elonmoon. Sense of ownership and responsibility will increase to a large extent after PancakeSwap listing since our members will be the proud $Elonmoon long-term holders, and we will tell the world what Elonmoon is.

You will see Elonmoon being the biggest gainer among all major listing platforms and main CEXs. The market performance will be the best way for Elonmoon’s marketing and branding.

Mr. Jack: The good game should be the key to win in the competition of blockchain projects

Q7: Why did you start with the BSC chain? You can see a bunch of NFT Games out there died prematurely in this market. What are the competitive advantages of Elonmoon games?

Mr. Jack: Just like you said, the BSC chain has the most extensive on-chain game players. We want to offer more opportunities and motivation to a large-scale user base that’s the main reason why we choose the BSC chain BSC chain emerging as a leading blockchain network can handle many transactions delivering programmability and smart contracts to users, which will be the most trustable and skilled backup for players’ moon exploration for users.

Moreover, low transaction fees , exploding ecosystem, and borderless Defi are all the reasons why BNB is the best choice for Elonmoon.

Ms. Mandy: Yes, bunches of NFT games failed to maintain a constant cash flow and died on it. Before we design the logic and economic model of the Elonmoon game, we prioritize stability and sustainability. Players can not only build their land and farm on the Moon, but they will also create value in the metaverse. At the same time, the price and value of the $Elonmoon token will increase at least 500% every 24 hours due to the innovative algorithm and economic model. Those are the competitive advantages of the Elonmoon games.

Q8: Please introduce more about the Team behind Elonmoon Game? Is your team KYCed and doxed? What are your past experiences with the blockchain tech and game industry?

Mr. Jack: Sure. As I said at the beginning, I’m Jack Bayart as the COO of Elonmoon. Muhaimin is CEO of Elonmoon. We met each other five years ago. These years are the five incredible years for the blockchain.

Cryptodaily Admin: Absolutely, the important thing is we would love to know if you’re all KYCed

Mr. Jack: Yes, we did KYC with DefiKYC

Ms. Mandy: I have had business development, marketing, community management experience across a variety of projects before joining Elonmoon. We have a team of experienced developers and game designers. We are a group of positive, creative, ambitious, and goal-oriented individuals, which benefits us from maintaining a friendly and healthy workplace environment and an ability to quickly and effectively solve any problems or potential misunderstandings. Our vision is to deliver the best gaming experience for Elonmoon players. If you guys have any suggestions or recommendations for Elonmoon, please reach us on the Elonmoon community. We are always here for you.

Mr. Jack: Personally, blockchain is my life. I join lots of blockchain projectss as a trader or co-founder. Elonmoon is my new passion, and I think this would be the lighthouse in the on-chain game industry.

Cryptodaily Admin: Are there any other core members you want to give a shout out to?

Ms. Mandy/: Steven, our CFO! He is busy with accounting and financing right now

Q9: Are there any exciting events coming up that you want to talk about? Where can we learn more about Elonmoon?

Ms. Mandy: Everyone in our team is hard-working and ambitious.

Telegram: t.me/Elonmoonspaceclub

The whitepaper of Elonmoon can be found on our official website elonmoon.games.

Follow our Twitter twitter.com/elonmoonspace and subscribe to our channel t.me/ElonMoonChannel for the latest announcement.

Official Channel: t.me/ElonMoonChannel











Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Elonmoon 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Ms. Mandy: We will have long term cooperation! Thank you BSCDaily-ers! Hope you all have fun in Elonmoon gameplay and earn from it

Cryptodaily Admin: Take care guys!

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