Elemon, New P2E Game, Drops New Roadmap For Big October

The protocol prepares to continue its development in the GameFi space after releasing its updated roadmap.

Elemon Updates Roadmap

Following the successful completion of the Elemon airdrop campaign, the Non-fungible Token (NFT) gaming protocol has revamped its roadmap. Elemon additionally intends to keep users updated in light of the rapid development of its Play-to-Earn protocol. 

Elemon is a comprehensive gaming platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which has experienced significant growth in recent weeks. The protocol has released its updated roadmap, unveiling the top-notch plans for more growth in October and beyond. Elemon announced the update on 29th September via Twitter

“After our tokenomic & airdrop updates, our roadmap has to be optimized a little bit in harmony with reality,” tweeted Elemon. 

The protocol also urged users to visit the Elemon website for more details about the roadmap. According to the roadmap, Elemon will add a handful of exciting features to its NFT GameFi protocol. The features include a Public sale after a successful Seed and Private round, the Elemon NFT sale, Elemon market, and NFT farming. 


The GameFi protocol has been adding some strategic partners to keep developing its ecosystem, such as CryptoThugs Capital, Fomocraft, Crypto Nation, Basics Capital, AVStar Capital, Infinity Capital, Coins Grey, NFT Starter, Coin Tv, BSC Daily, Trust Dao Capital, Crypto Bandits, Terranova Ventures, TK Ventures, HG Ventures, MG Trading, Kiwi Group, and VIC Group. Elemon will add more strategic partnerships to keep developing in the GameFi industry, particularly on BSC. 

What is Elemon?

Elemon is a protocol built on BSC with many Play-to-Earn features. The protocol combines the most significant aspects of gaming and digital collectibles. Elemon’s mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way. 

The native $ELMON token also has utility on the protocol. Users can use the token to farm and make payment in its NFT marketplace along with other tokens. Elemon will also add more use-cases for $ELMON in the future. 

For more information about Elemon, check out these links:

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